“Guns don’t kill people . . . people do.”

Which is pretty accurate. Who blames the .44 caliber Derringer for Lincoln’s assassination? And skipping over to another president, it wasn’t even the gun shot that killed Mckinley, it was his dirty fingered doctors.

Ever see someone die while NOT receiving health care? Maybe we should say “Guns don’t kill people . . . doctors do.”

There are 283 million guns in the U.S. with 4.5 million added every year. There are 31,000 gun deaths on average per year, which is disingenuous because two-thirds of that number are suicides, with a surprisingly low 1,000, for accidentals. See Dick Cheney.

Last year Japan had just 11.

Just throwing that out there.

It also must be noted that there are annually 2.6 million incidences of non-fatal gun crimes in this country as well. That number never seems to show up anywhere.

On August 28th, Vester Lee Flanagan went on a shooting spree killing two of his co-workers, injuring a bystander, and shot himself in the head after a high speed chase with the police.

For those of you counting, that’s two gun deaths, one suicide, and one non-fatal gun crime.

None of that was accidental.

Last month Dylann Roof walked into a church in Charleston N.C. and began gunning down parishioners in an attempt to “ignite a race war.”

His words.

Presidential Candidate Bobby Jindal expressed his opinion that these shootings were all perpetrated by the mentally ill. He’s speaking of course of the thirty or so high profile deaths and not the 10,970 other ones. But sure, go ahead and blame Obamacare.

The simple fact is guns kill people. If we just sucked it up and banned guns we would save 10,000 people a year from dying a ridiculous death, probably another 10,000 suicides who are too squeamish to jump from a building, all of the accidental ones, and reduce crime by about 2 million incidences per year.

Those are the facts.

21,000 lives saved. 2 Million less crimes committed.

It simply won’t happen. Gun ownership is as divisive a topic as one can get.

Can’t blame the guns, they’re inanimate objects. Can’t blame the people, they’re crazy. Can’t trust laws, they’re ineffective. Can’t trust the liberals, they wanna strip you of your freedom. Can’t trust republicans, they’ll shoot a guy in the face and then ask the faceless man for an apology for standing near the line of sight. See Dick Cheney.

But what you don’t know is that gun purchases rise anywhere from 20% to 40% after every high profile shooting. When people get shot in a movie theater, the firearm industry makes a killing.

That pun was intended. Guns aren’t killing people, but when they do, it’s the gun industry who profits.

Whenever crime is committed the first thing we look for is motive and opportunity. Keeping us safe in our homes and in our communities is bad for sales.

Maybe we should update their original statement: “Guns don’t kill people, the industry does.”

Two dead journalists sell a lot of Glocks.

Just thought you should know.

Photo by Goran Schmidt