Everyone knows Wendell Pierce is an incredible actor, but you might not realize that the Wire and Treme star is also a passionate political activist with a penchant for sharp, witty Twitter statements that perfectly highlight progressive values. And nearly a week ago, Pierce turned out one of the best tweets of the year, targeting the NRA and illustrating their hypocrisy in under 140 characters.

Pierce put out the tweet on Sunday, November 22nd. It’s picked up nearly 10k likes and 10k retweets in the week since, as of this article being written.

“If every black male 18-35 applies for a conceal & carry permit, and then joined the NRA in one day, there would be gun control laws in a second.”

Pierce’s tweet perfectly illustrates the hypocrisy of right-wing gun fanaticism. They’re quick to rant about gun control laws, but not when it’s black or Muslim citizens attempting to obtain firearms. Gun advocates are always quick to blame the victims by claiming they wouldn’t have been murdered by a mass shooter if they’d been also armed, but never when it’s black activists involved in the #BlackLivesMatter movement, or the victims of a mass shooting at a Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado.

The grim reality is that the NRA wants to arm every American man, woman, and child… so long as they’re white Christians anyway. And what those white Christians do with those firearms is perfectly fine by the NRA’s standards as well.

Wendell Pierce has made a number of excellent politically-charged tweets lately, defending Syrian refugees, comparing Donald Trump to KKK leader David Duke, and referring to the recent attack on #BlackLivesMatter activists in Minnesota as exactly what it was: a terrorist attack. Though none of this should be all that surprising to his fans, since Pierce has been a vocal advocate of progressive ideals for many years.

Back in 2012, Wendell Pierce was a top-tier Obama reelection campaign contributor, raising over $500k for President Obama’s second term bid. He’s also donated to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, though hasn’t done any other form of fundraising for her campaign, or any other campaign, in the 2016 presidential election cycle.

Image Courtesy of Wendell Pierce, Twitter