When the feds kicked down Wayne Simmons’ door and booked him for fraud, those of us who pay attention and are acutely aware of the fraud Fox News perpetrates on the American people said, “Nothing new, here.”

Wayne Simmons was a frequent guest on Fox News, billed as a “terrorism expert.” He received much screen time during the Benghazi hoax stories criticizing the Obama Administration in obvious attempts to smear Hillary Clinton, then Secretary of State.

Fox News has been a propaganda network working to further republican and conservative causes since their formation. David Brock’s book, The Republican Noise Machine, describes the inner-workings and philosophies within the Republican Party and the FNC Death Star in a very brave and detailed manner.

Probably all of us could name countless hypocrisies that have come out of Fox News. Many books, articles, and rants have been written and voiced about the subject.

Now, Fox News has a fresh, glistening egg on their collective faces and the flag graphics have become even more transparent to even more people. Of course, this isn’t a heavy topic on the Fox News cycle. They’ve issued only a short statement on the matter, distancing themselves from Wayne Simmons.

When their tools are no longer useful for them, fock snooze will hurl them under the bus.

This is of course in contrast to the hours and hours of segments and opinions about Brian Williams and his grandiose lies about being shot at in Iraq. Bill O’Reilly was at the forefront of this reporting, even though his own dubious past exploits have come under scrutiny, namely, his actions and reporting during the Falklands War.

Not a peep from Bill about ol’ Wayne-o, though.

I can understand the outcry. Fox News is a lying spokes-spew for the Republican party and all things wingnut. They constantly throw charges around against those that disagree with their stances. This is also very well documented. Thank the invisible cloud being for Mediamatters.org.

I’m saddled up and more than ready to jump on this bandwagon to go after Fox News and Wayne Simmons. There’s just one problem as far as I can see. There’s this thing called the due process of law in this country.

Simmons claims he has proof of his credentials. In the United States, this means he’s entitled to a trial, his day in court to answer the charges that he’s a fraud.

Lies should not be countered with more lies, nor should we convict anyone in the press or anywhere else before their day of answering the charges made against them. In this case, Wayne Simmons needs to go on trial and make his credentials available to the court, which may be complicated due to his covert status.

Time to put up or shut up, Simmons!

Until then, I’m keeping my outrage against Simmons on the back burner.

It’s simmering pretty vigorously, though.

Photo from Las Vegas NV Blog