With just barely over one month until the release of Fallout 4, the next title in the ever-popular post-apocalyptic RPG shooter franchise created by Interplay and currently owned and managed by Bethesda, fans are clamoring for any little detail as to what the highly-anticipated game might feature. And those hints might be right under their noses, if you watch the five “S.P.E.C.I.A.L.” teaser videos that have been released to date (with two more on the way).

In the videos, the narrator explains the seven key attributes of the Fallout franchise, codenamed “SPECIAL,” an acronym for Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, and Luck. He goes on to explain what each attribute does and why they’re important, in brief two- to three- minute videos in which the franchise’s mascot, Vault Boy, acts out various comical scenes.

WARNING: These videos contain graphic content intended for mature audiences!

During these videos, Vault Boy and the narrator showcase not only how these attributes work, but also, perhaps sometimes inadvertently, reveal some key gameplay elements, including potential features that weren’t discussed during Bethesda’s huge E3 Fallout 4 revelation back in June.

Each week, the videos seem to reveal a bit more about the gameplay features of Fallout 4, and so far, if this is indeed the case, these features are incredible, ranging from the possibility of exercising to improve your attributes to the ability to repair motor vehicles and drive around the wasteland in style, for the first time since Fallout 2.

Let’s watch each of these videos and see if perhaps we can suss out a few clues as to what the upcoming game might include, shall we?

Video 1 – Strength

  • Might we get to exercise to improve our strength attribute? It would make sense, though I’d imagine it would require a tremendous amount of work to accomplish. This might apply to all SPECIAL attributes, actually, though this is pretty speculative
  • Is it possible we might get to play sports in Fallout 4? Or is this just a nod toward the standard melee combat we’ve come to expect from the Fallout franchise?
  • Strength might apparently play a role in crafting

Video 2 – Perception

  • A mob bigger than a Super Mutant Behemoth? Let’s hope that’s just a joke in the 0:50 to 0:52 range
  • Crutches might actually finally be useful for aiding with crippled limbs
  • The ability to steal ammo out of the weapon of an enemy? How awesome would that be?
  • It was a given, but “exploding pants” is back in Fallout 4. Yay!

Video 3 – Endurance

  • Not only is hardcore mode apparently returning, but hunger and thirst might be implemented into the base game, requiring all survivors to eat and drink to stay alive. About friggin’ time!
  • Cannibalism is back, of course
  • You might need to stay healthy and exercise to lose weight

Video 4 – Charisma

  • You might be able to anger traders with bad bartering offers, and perhaps talk them down from blowing your head off when things start to take an ugly turn
  • Drinking with non-player characters apparently could have positive social consequences and improve your relationships in the wasteland
  • You might FINALLY be able to get drunk, and actually have that intoxication affect your visuals, gameplay mechanics, and speech. It took you long enough to implement this, Bethesda! Let’s hope the same can be said for overabundant drug use, too
  • Can wild animals be charmed and tamed to become pets or even full-fledged companions?

Video 5 – Intelligence

  • Will we finally have hot drinks, and uses for coffee makers? It seems doubtful, but we can hope that hot food finally becomes a small detail Bethesda isn’t overlooking
  • The Enclave is apparently returning, as an ED-bot appears in this video
  • Cars! The narrator claims, starting at about 2:10 in the video, that players might get to “start navigating with technological ease,” as Vault Boy is seen bouncing around on a small car. This would be the first car seen in an unmodded¬†Fallout game since Fallout 2 in the Interplay days, and given how enormous this new game world is, it would make sense to finally bring them back. Of course, I say this while trying to forget how horrible it is to drive in Boston in real life, but I digress
  • Blood packs might not just be for drinking. Blood transfusions might finally be possible as a means of saving lives
  • Chemistry might play a bigger, more involved role in Fallout 4, with the ability to mix various compounds and create chems and other useful things

More Videos to Come!

Bethesda have been releasing one of these videos per week, and each one is more revealing than the last, so bookmark this article and check back in with us on Tuesday, October 13th to see what the next video in the series, Agility, possibly reveals about the gameplay in Fallout 4!

Photo by Luke Hayfield Photography