Trevor Noah, the new host of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, hit the ground running with his debut episode last week, and already he’s been making pretty big waves with his quick-witted comedy style and on-point editorial voice. And during Monday evening’s episode, Noah exposed conservative hypocrisy in a way that surely left Jon Stewart feeling mighty proud of his successor.

The segment focuses on the Republican war to defund Planned Parenthood, with Trevor Noah discussing at length the controversial fake abortion chart brazenly displayed by Congressman and House Speaker wannabe Jason Chaffetz. Noah then turns toward explaining how the self-proclaimed “pro-life” movement doesn’t really care about all life, just abortions, and the hypocrisy of so many pro-lifers also being pro-gun.

Trevor Noah also explains how pro-lifers are, to use his own phrase, “killing it” when it comes to actually passing pro-life legislation and limiting the access women have to abortions, and uses a large portion of the segment to explain that if pro-lifers would devote themselves to ending gun violence the same way they’re committed to ending abortions, they would actually end up saving countless lives, ending the segment with an epic mic drop, the likes of which we haven’t seen, well, since Jon Stewart retired from The Daily Show.

“The point is, if pro-lifers would just redirect their powers toward gun violence, the amount of lives they could save would reach superhero levels. They just need to have a superhero’s total dedication to life. Because right now they’re more like comic book collectors: human life only holds value until you take it out of the package, and then it’s worth nothing.”

Many Daily Show fans were worried that Trevor Noah might not be ready to take the helm of this iconic late night program, but so far, he has silenced those critics with night after night of stellar performances. I was familiar with his comedy style before he premiered on The Daily Show, but I wasn’t sure what Jon Stewart had seen in Trevor Noah. Whatever it was, he was absolutely right. He is, to quote Trevor Noah from the segment above, killing it.

 Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP