Hillary Clinton Violated Guidelines, State Department Inspector-General Finds

You know how your friend that supports Hillary Clinton’s presidential run is always telling you that her email scandal is total right-wing nonsense? Remember all those times you agreed with them, and the two of you laughed and laughed? Well, about that…

The State Department’s Inspector-General just concluded their investigation into the former Secretary of State’s use of a private email server, and if you’re a fan of Clinton’s, the findings aren’t good: Hillary Clinton did, in fact, violate State Department cybersecurity guidelines by using the private server, while disregarding State Department staff who raised valid concerns regarding said server.

The 78-page report finds that Clinton repeatedly ignored clear rules regarding the use of private email servers, and that she never sought approval for using one, which the State IG notes would not have been approved had she asked. She also failed to have her devices cleared for “minimum information security requirements.”

On two separate occasions in 2010, State Department IT security staff had raised questions regarding the server, and were told that legal staff had cleared its use. But the State IG found no evidence that any such clearance had been given, noting that it would have been denied over security concerns.

The State IG found that Hillary Clinton wasn’t the only Secretary of State to violate the private server rules. The last five Secretaries of State, including Republicans and Democrats alike, had all violated some of those same guidelines, though Powell had used a private computer.

But the report does single out Clinton, whose email scandal has shined a light on questions of Internet security amid government officials and employees.

What Does This Mean For Hillary Clinton Going Forward?

The State IG’s investigation wasn’t a legal one, and the result of their report will not directly lead to criminal proceedings. However, both the FBI and the Justice Department are currently investigating Clinton’s use of a private email server, and either of those investigations could lead her toward legal woes.

Both the FBI and the Justice Department will surely be using the State IG’s findings in their own reports, and may possibly use their information to bring criminal charges against Clinton and/ or her senior staff should any wrongdoing be found.

Obviously, if Clinton is found guilty, she’d be forced to suspend her campaign, if not abandon it completely, giving Donald Trump an unchallenged win this November. Legal proceedings might, in the very least, pull Clinton off the campaign trail and cause her to lose precious ground in what polling data shows will be a very tight race.

As if the prospect of a Trump Presidency becoming more likely isn’t enough to scare you, consider this: the GOP is in no hurry to see Hillary Clinton get indicted yet, because the primary fight between Clinton and Bernie Sanders isn’t yet over. GOP figures have repeatedly expressed that they wouldn’t want to face off against Sanders, who polls much stronger against Trump than Clinton does, in the general. If Clinton wins the primary, letting the email scandal take her out guarantees them a Trump presidency. And no, you aren’t the only person who just threw up a little in your mouth.

Photo by veni markovski