With due consideration to the fact that today’s Republican Party has devolved into a gang of paid shills for big business interests, it’s a reasonable assertion to say that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is the most anti-union candidate in the field for 2016.

Walker has adeptly learned the “fock snooze” trick of ducking questions while robotically spewing talking points. Media Matters, the right-wing media watchdog website that fascists love to hate, documented this tired old phenomena.

While claiming to be a champion against “big government special interests,” his code phrase for unions, Walker pretends to be oblivious to the Koch Brothers’ multi-million sponsorship of his campaign. Walker has his hands so deep into the Koch Brothers’ pockets, he no doubt provides a special love rub while pulling out his campaign funding.

On CNN’s State of the Union show on Sunday, Sep 13, host Jake Tapper called Walker out on his hypocrisy. The whole interview is a fascinating display of Walker in full puppet mouthpiece mode, but the union busting aspect of his compromised mind came out at about 3:15. At that point, Jake Tapper confronted Walker about his hypocrisy when he talks about his disdain for big government special interests (insert “unions”) when he’s a bought-and-paid-for operative for big business special interests. Walker is bent on parroting Koch Brothers Talking Points. Tapper’s follow-up was merely asking the question again, since Walker dodged it. The result was the same.

At this point, if I were Tapper, I would have repeated the question and let Walker once again duck the question. Since Walker specializes in regurgitation when spouting Koch Brothers / big business philosophy, Tapper should have done the same with his unanswered question.

Shine a light on Fascism, or it will spread like a mold.

Walker’s latest announcement is he would basically take the same proposals that destroy union bargaining power and implement them nationwide, turning the United States into an (Orwellian-named) “Right-to-Work” nation. He stated this in some media covered policy statement (yawn-fest) that has wide media coverage. Just type “Walker unions right-to-work” in the google search bar. It should the first item in the results.

Calling Unions a “special interest” is yet another Republican bumper sticker term.

Destroying unions while giving tax breaks to big business interests that will find the cheapest, most unregulated labor to maximize their profit margin is a declaration of war on the Middle Class. When this fact is pointed out, the hypocritical bumper sticker the far right likes to throw back is, “The liberals are engaging in “class warfare tactics.”

Working people deserve to have bargaining power. Turning back the rights of workers and destroying their ability to negotiate for better pay and working conditions is a step back from a representative democracy and a step toward the brand of modern fascism that the Republican Party stands for. Walker’s anti-union rhetoric is a dog whistle for right wingers.

…and with their hatred of Obama’s brand of mandated healthcare, where would right-wingers go to fit their working children with prosthetic limbs that were chopped off in industrial presses when they gave up their company health plan?

It literally would cost the far right an arm and a leg to see the error of their judgment.

Photo by DonkeyHotey