We’ve all heard Donald Trump’s supporters say it. “I’m backing Trump because he’s his own man,” they’ll proudly (and ignorantly) exclaim. “He doesn’t take money from huge donors, because he doesn’t need their money! He won’t be owned by lobbyists!

Yeah. About that…

On Wednesday, Politico revealed that despite Trump’s yuuuge claims that he doesn’t need big-money donors, and despite the limp insults he’s hurled at said donors, and despite his complaining about campaign finance reform (not that he’s ever used three words with six or more letters together in the same sentence) Donald Trump has actually — wait for it! — courted some of the GOP’s biggest donors.

Big-money Republican donors Trump has reached out to include Sheldon Adelson, Paul Singer, and the nefarious Koch Suckers Brothers. So much for self-funding his own campaign.

According to Politico, Trump personally reached out to famed Zionist Sheldon Adelson, and had his campaign staff attempt to negotiate a sit-down, with Trump using both his ties to New York City, which has a large Jewish population, and his sexy daughter’s marriage to a Jewish man to seal the deal. Trump’s team tried to set up a similar meeting with Paul Singer’s people.

But when The Donald was rejected by these monolithic right-wing contributors, he responded in the only way you’d expect out of Trump: he hurled insults at them through social media, and specifically went after his rival candidates who had earned their support.

The same thing happened when Trump was rejected in August by the Koch Brothers, who picked five other non-toupeed candidates to attend their big-money retreat in California. They opted to exclude extending an invitation to Trump, so what does Trump do? He stays home and bitches about it on Twitter. How presidential of him.

We already knew Trump was full of BS… or as Trump would put it, “filled with more BS than anyone else in history, and it’s the BEST BS anyone has ever smelled.” We already knew he had several super PACs backing him, and that despite his claims of self-funding his own presidential campaign, he’d been funded mostly by donations, big and small alike, from supporters.

But to learn that Donald Trump was actively seeking big-money campaign contributions from the likes of Sheldon Adelson, Paul Singer, and the Koch Brothers? Before now, most of us thought “Hey, Trump might be a racist, misogynist egomaniac, megalomaniac, and, well, just a maniac in general, who wants to sleep with his own daughter on top of that, but hey, at least he’s showing us the real him.” Now we can’t even say that anymore, and that wasn’t much to begin with.

Photo by Gage Skidmore