Everyone has that friend or relative who embraces Fox News and all things far right. Each has their own mindset for having these displacements, these irrational reasons for voting against their own interests in favor of the corporate oligarchy.

Religion is one of the main pillows where right wingers will rest their heads in comfort that their reasoning is moral and legitimate. Others are brainwashed into believing that the far right are “protectors” to keep us safe.

We all know what a load of shit that is.

Most of us are well aware of the tools the far right uses to brain wash people. The great radio host, Thom Hartmann first asked this question openly during a show some many fathoms ago, “Can you name one nation that became wealthy through austerity measures?”

The question will bite the right winger, although they will most likely rationalize it with the propaganda that flows freely through their brains.

Others will stare inquisitively until you define “austerity” for them.

However, the question might sink in. Of course no country has ever gotten wealthy by denying their citizens education, infrastructure, or programs to reduce social ailments.

Greece certainly has not.

The European countries that achieved prosperity after World War II did so using Roosevelt’s social policies which were expanded from the New Deal, mainly economic security and universal healthcare, two objectives that the far right fought tooth and nail against back then and to this day.

Try it out on your favorite right winger. You will most likely not receive an answer. Sarah Palin types will complain that you’re asking a “gotcha” question. Others may attempt to use Fox¬†implanted brain quips or bumper sticker comebacks from whatever far right information source they subscribe, but the correct name of a nation will not come out of their mouths.

Because there is none and there never will be. Right wing austerity programs are the road to economic ruin. Removing the layer of government from the economy has never been proven to be beneficial to a nation.

The follow-up question is obvious, “Then, why do you keep voting for far right candidates?”

That question is certain to open the floor for every type of right wing response except an answer to the first question.

Try it out. It’s a good experiment.