President Obama’s Latest US District Court Nomination Will Make Conservative Heads Explode

If you’re standing next to a conservative, you might want to take a few steps away from them. A few more. One more. Good. Now grab a raincoat, and once you’ve put that on, grab some plastic and hold it up as a shield. Yes, just like if you were at a Gallagher show. Ready? Wait for it…

President Obama just nominated America’s first Muslim to the U.S. District Court.


See? Aren’t you glad I made you do that extra bit of preparation?

On Tuesday, the White House announced that President Obama has nominated high-power lawyer Abid Riaz Qureshi to the U.S. District Court in the District of Columbia. If he’s confirmed, Qureshi will become the first Muslim to ever become a Federal judge.

Qureshi’s resume may be rock-solid as a partner at a swanky DC law firm, but give it a few days, and this is going to be added to the lengthy list of non-scandalous “scandals” conservatives are losing their stuff over. Why? Because Qureshi is a Muslim. He was born in Pakistan. President Obama nominated him. It’s the perfect storm to create a right-wing conspiracy theory!

So what do you think the controversy will be? I’m guessing the right-wing brain trust at Breitbart and CainTV will allude to the idea that Qureshi is actually a secret agent, tasked by President Obama with infiltrating the District Court and instituting Sharia Law right before he leaves office. Ooh! Or maybe he’s helping Obama sneak refugees into America by providing legal cover? That might be it. We all know how much conservatives loathe brown-skinned refugees.

Whatever their ridiculous conspiracy theory ends up being, rest assured it’ll be born from a place of pure, unfiltered ignorance with a heavy dusting of hate. Oh, and it won’t end up actually being anything of consequence either… that part was a given, though.

Abid Qureshi was a great choice for the Federal Bench. His nomination has nothing to do with ethnicity or religious affiliations, and everything to do with his impressive CV.

Of course, that won’t stop conservatives from making stuff up about him out of thin air. But for those of us who live in the real world, Qureshi is a quality choice and yet another excellent nomination by President Obama. Will right-wing nutjob heads explode in the proper sequence to force Republican politicians to rabble-rouse their way into blocking Qureshi? Only time — and racism — will tell.

Photo by Pete Prodoehl