In 1921 Margaret Sanger founded the American Birth Control League to promote sex education and birth control to American women who had no access to such things. It was largely contested until someone realized condoms prevented venereal diseases being brought home by soldiers fighting overseas.

Support Our Troops!

Now, Planned Parenthood provides over 11 million annual services to 4 million people world-wide that include sex education, contraceptives, cancer screening, pregnancy testing, counseling, testing and treatment for disease, menopause treatments, vasectomies, tubal ligations, and, yes, abortion at the cost of $1 billion per year to the American tax payer.

If that sounds like a large sum, remember that we spend $7.3 billion on corn subsidies.

That’s a lot of corn.

And of course you already know none of the tax funding supports abortion services.

Yet Planned Parenthood is always under fire. Whether it’s the modern pro-life battle or making condoms available for sexually active youngsters, frank discussion about the human reproductive system has forever been met with childish revulsion. Prudishness is one thing, but the ‘sanctity of life’ argument is ridiculously hypocritical to anyone who has read the Bible cover to cover.

What’s disturbing is modern America has been slowly inching away from a non-denominational republic, to a nation of quasi-Christian morality; more than half of our citizens lean further to the right than the current Pope.

This isn’t the first time Christianity has declared itself the moral compass of a world super-power.

Having defeated Licinius in 324 A.D, Emperor Constantine had some decisions to make. He needed to consolidate a nation of atheists, pagans, polytheists, jews, and yes, even christians under a single banner.

Since Christians of the day were convinced the second coming of Christ would happen in their lifetimes, they were most aggressive about converting sinners ASAP. Their denomination became the lowest common denominator, and with salvation comfortably under the wing of the Bishop of Rome (who we call the Pope), Constantine declared Rome a Christian Nation and was free to build Constantinople on the other side of the empire.

Christianity is what it is today because an egomaniac wanted a better view of the Mediterranean.

What follows is the desperate plunge into the Dark Ages.

Chastity, humility, and poverty are lovely virtues, but they should never come at the cost of science, medicine, reason, or the arts. All the intellectual property of the Greeks, Romans, and Mesopotamians were spurned as heretical abominations. Education takes a back seat to piety and that childish revulsion to the human form (most specifically the female form) was so viciously engrained that it would be another one thousand years before humanity was allowed to get naked and take a bath.

All of which lead to population collapses as frequent as a change in the weather. No sanitation, no hygiene, no regard for the actual state of human life when heaven is just around the corner. The Black Plague killed 66% of the population not once, not twice, but every few generations because the body is bad.

When people talk about the ‘sanctity of life’ remember that it’s not actual life they’re talking about. Planned Parenthood saves millions of lives per year, mostly in the impoverished parts of the nation where education of human sexuality is most desperately needed.

To quote Richard Nixon: ”No American woman should be denied access to family planning assistance because of her economic condition.”

Yes, that Richard Nixon.

The same one that’s responsible for all this corn.

(image credit: ‘Bernard Tolomei and the Plague in Siena’ by Giuseppe Maria Crespi. Digital image courtesy of the Getty’s Open Content Program.)