Progressives Turn On Democratic Party As #Demexit Starts To Trend

The Democratic Party may soon endure a large exodus, and ironically, it may have been a beloved member of the party’s establishment — Hillary Clinton — whose campaign drove the coffin nail.

On Tuesday, Bernie Sanders officially endorsed Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, betraying his earlier promises to fight Clinton all of the way to the convention floor. His countless millions of supporters are expectedly upset about Sanders’ apparent surrender, too… but they aren’t as upset with Sanders as they are with the Democratic Party itself.

On Wednesday, the day following Sanders’ endorsement, a new phrase began to pop up all over social media: #Demexit is spreading like wildfire throughout pro-Bernie circles, and it looks like the term is going to be properly trending soon.

What does it mean? The answer to that is pretty obvious if you’re familiar with the Brexit debate that has dominated so much of the media in the past several weeks. Progressive democrats, outraged over the Democratic Party’s abandonment of progressive values and their seemingly undemocratic selection of Hillary Clinton, are now threatening to quit the Democratic Party entirely rather than help elect Clinton, whom a majority of Americans view as dishonest and untrustworthy.

For Bernie Sanders’ Supporters, Demexit Was A Long Time Coming

For Hillary Clinton’s ardent supporters, the 2016 Democratic Primary was anything but controversial. But for Bernie Sanders’ supporters, this year’s primary was seen in an entirely different light.

The 2016 Democratic Primary has been mired in countless scandals involving questionable debate schedules, nationwide allegations of election fraud and voter purges that almost exclusively benefited Hillary Clinton, debates over super-delegates and party-defined rules that prevented tens of millions of people from democratically casting their votes for Bernie Sanders, questionable (if not outright illegal) antics from the likes of Bill Clinton and Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and countless allegations against the mainstream media, which has seemingly gone to great lengths to assist Hillary Clinton’s campaign whenever and however possible.

A Clinton supporter hears all of that and most likely shouts “phooey!” with an exacerbated expression washed over their face. But to tens of millions of Bernie Sanders’ supporters, all of these issues add up to a single reality, however true or untrue we may later discover it to be: the Democratic Party rigged the 2016 primary in favor of Hillary Clinton, who would have lost had it not been for their unethical, undemocratic behavior.

Compounding that issue is the widespread belief that the Democratic Party is no longer the progressive stronghold it once was. In the past year, progressive democrats have found themselves repeatedly at odds with the party establishment. They’ve questioned the integrity of their former progressive heroes, Democratic Party rock stars like President Obama, Elizabeth Warren, Barbara Boxer, and countless others, who apparently abandoned their progressive values and grabbed hold of the party line in the hopes of getting their long-time colleague, Hillary Clinton, into office… however ultimately unelectable she might seem to many.

And all of those issues are tossed into a vice and squeezed into lifelessness by Hillary Clinton herself, the second-most disliked presidential candidate in American history, as well as by the behavior of many of her more vocal supporters.

You may agree with a Clinton supporter on 90% or more of all issues, but if you aren’t in her corner, you’re a pariah. You’re labeled as a radical left-wing fringer who bought into decades of Republican slander, a person utterly incapable of deciding for yourself whether or not to trust Hillary Clinton.

Think I’m wrong? Try this: tell a friend who supports Hillary Clinton that you find her email scandal questionable. Present indisputable facts; she broke the law, she lied to the American people, she possibly destroyed evidence by deleting thousands of emails — the FBI verified that all of that is true — and argue that she got away with it because her name is Hillary Clinton.

Let me know how many seconds go by before you hear the word “Benghazi,” as your friend scrambles to liken the totally-invented and nonsensical Benghazi scandal to the very serious, evidence-heavy email scandal. You’ll start to understand how many Bernie Sanders supporters are feeling, not just about Clinton herself, but also about joining ranks with her supporters, who have spent the past year insulting Bernie Sanders and everyone who voted for him.

For Many Democrats, #Demexit Is The Only Remaining Option

So what is a person to do when they feel their political party has abandoned their shared ideological stances? When the party hand-picks a candidate and seemingly goes to great lengths to prevent anyone else from snatching away that chosen candidate’s destiny? When they fear that candidate has no hope of beating Donald Trump, of all people, in a general election race? What is someone to do when they believe their political party is perpetually taking two steps back and caving to special interests on matters of life and death, like health care?

#Demexit. That’s what.

The Democratic National Convention is quickly approaching. While Bernie Sanders hasn’t officially (or even unofficially) suspended his presidential campaign, his endorsement of Clinton makes it seem as though any hope of a contested convention may be lost.

Sanders’ supporters are now faced with a moral dilemma: vote for Hillary Clinton, a person they don’t trust and who doesn’t represent their views, or vote for a third-party candidate like Jill Stein or Gary Johnson and cross their fingers.

One #Demexit meme circulating through social media today sums up how many of Bernie Sanders’ supporters are feeling right now. The DNC is holding Donald Trump like a gun, pressed against the temples of progressives, while they declare “Vote for Hillary Clinton… or else.”

What are they failing to comprehend? That’s right: Progressives don’t negotiate with terrorists.

Photo by AFGE