Scandal Welcomes Hillary Clinton

Questions looming regarding your use of a private email server to conduct official State Department business? Americans wondering why you won’t release the transcripts of your paid speeches? Super-delegates tilting the scales in your favor? Debbie Wasserman-Schultz rigging a primary five ways from Sunday to help you along? Your husband saying he wishes he wasn’t married to you?

Better call Olivia Pope.

Hillary Clinton is no stranger to scandal. Her 2016 presidential bid has been riddled with it from the very start, and her career in politics in general has always carried five pages of footnotes. But this week, Hillary welcomed scandal with open arms… or should I say, Scandal welcomed her.

The former Secretary of State paid a visit to the set of ABC’s hit show Scandal on Monday, visiting with two of the show’s biggest stars — who are also two of her biggest supporters — Kerry Washington (Olivia Pope) and Tony Goldwyn (President Fitzgerald Grant).

Clinton reportedly didn’t make a cameo appearance on the popular political drama, instead opting to simply visit with the cast and crew.

Of course, if Clinton was hoping for Washington to channel her fictional character and “handle” or “fix” her campaign, few would be all that surprised, especially given the fact that a new Reuters poll now has Hillary trailing primary rival Bernie Sanders by 6.2 points nationwide.

The show’s current season, which airs Thursday nights on ABC, features a major plotline where former First Lady Mellie Grant (played by Bellamy Young), now a United States Senator, is mounting a presidential campaign with the help of Olivia Pope, the President’s former mistress and the woman who essentially broke up the First Family.

As everyone on planet Earth is aware, former President Bill Clinton had an affair while in office, though Monica Lewinsky is definitely not helping Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail (in fact, Lewinsky hasn’t endorsed anyone to date).

Hillary Clinton Hops Aboard The Irony Train

With Hillary Clinton’s national polling slipping away from her and her having consistently lost the youth vote in every primary and caucus of 2016, her visit to the set of Scandal may have been an attempt to sway young people and black women toward voting for her, as the show’s ratings are strong in both demos.

Or perhaps Hillary is just trying to show a bit of humility, embracing the irony of one of the most scandal-ridden presidential candidates in living memory paying a visit to the set of a show where its main protagonist, Pope, professionally fixes peoples’ scandals for a living. Oh, and drinks wine. So much wine.

Chances are, Clinton was merely dropping by to visit a few campaign donors. In reality, most of her scandals are Republican inventions aimed at derailing the candidate who until recently was the presumptive democratic nominee.

That’s not to diminish the weight of her actual scandals, of course… Bernie Sanders is beating her in nationwide polling in part because so few Americans find her trustworthy, and that’s not something the GOP can pull out of thin air. One thing is definitely certain: Hillary Clinton could certainly use some help from a real-life Olivia Pope right about now.

Photo by Glyn Lowe Photoworks.