Hardcore Berniecrats Don’t Like Hillary Clinton, But They Also Hate Donald Trump… A Lot

The only thing sadder than a Donald Trump supporter convincing themselves that Berniecrats are going to suddenly vote for their candidate now that the Democratic Party’s primary is officially over is… um… actually, there’s nothing sadder than that in the political world. Nothing I can think of, anyway.

With the Democratic Party’s primary officially over as of yesterday’s DNC roll call vote, Berniecrats are now being courted by Camp Trump, the theory among conservatives being that they hate Hillary Clinton so much they’d rather see Trump win.

Meanwhile, Camp Clinton isn’t courting them at all; they’ve adopted the tone of a stern parent, demanding Berniecrats eat their vegetables or else, accompanied with the assumption that Berniecrat votes are their property; those votes belong to Hillary Clinton, so stop your whining and get that fork in your mouth right now!

Neither side shows any indication that they’ve been paying attention to Bernie Sanders’ message or the messages of his loyal supporters at all. And the mainstream media? They’re even worse. So what do Berniecrats really think?

For Berniecrats, Trump Is Obviously Worse Than Clinton, But That Doesn’t Make Clinton Good

Go on your social media network of choice and ask any ten Berniecrats where they are, now that the primary is officially over. If you don’t know ten Berniecrats, well, none of us will be surprised that you have no idea what Berniecrats are actually thinking.

I picked ten Berniecrats from my Facebook friends list and followers at random and read their posts. From what I could see, three of them have endorsed Hillary Clinton, though all three seem to have the #StuckWithHillary mentality; I don’t know a single Berniecrat as adamant for Clinton as Sarah Silverman seemed to be at the DNC on Monday night. Three others seem to be on the fence. Two are now full-blown Jill Stein supporters. One says she isn’t voting for anyone, and the tenth says he’s voting for Gary Johnson.

I didn’t find any Trump supporters in that mix, so I tried again. Another group of ten Berniecrats from my friends list would turn up at least one Trump supporter, right? In that group I found two who’ve endorsed Clinton, three who are on the fence, three who support Jill Stein, and two who say they aren’t voting at all. No Gary Johnson votes, and no Trump votes.

My results are hardly scientific (and I’d love for you to comment below with your own honest results), but they do show that Berniecrats aren’t backing Trump out of their hatred of Clinton. I don’t know a single Berniecrat who likes Trump even remotely, and if I do, they certainly haven’t expressed that view publicly.

Stop Making Assumptions About Berniecrats, People!

Berniecrats see Hillary Clinton as a criminal who skirts justice and avoids getting caught thanks to her powerful connections. She’s a corporate shill with a proven track record of dishonesty, who says she’s for the environment, ending Citizens United, and more, but will cave to special interests once in office and will never get those things done. She’ll maintain the status quo, slightly and subtly building on the successes of President Obama for the next four years. But the real change? The serious campaign finance reform, the serious environmental policy, the serious relief needed by America’s working class? None of that is going to happen.

How do those same Berniecrats see Donald Trump? He’s an orange-faced trust fund baby whose maturity and hands never made it to puberty. He’s a fraud, rambling about making America great again in a Trump-brand suit manufactured in China. He’s been as unsuccessful in business as he’s been in marriage, having been divorced almost as many times as he’s gone bankrupt. And once he’s in office, he’ll let Mike Pence run the country into the ground, because he’s more interested in the title and the pageantry than the actual job.

Clinton supporters need to understand that Berniecrat votes don’t belong to Hillary. She hasn’t earned them. They aren’t hers automatically. And when you demean Berniecrats, boss them around, call their legitimate concerns of election fraud “conspiracy theories” and generally shit on them, guess what? They become a whole lot less likely to vote for your candidate. Despite what you’ve convince yourselves, you’re not the grown-ups in the room. You’re not going to guilt-trip anyone into voting for Clinton. Sit down.

But Trump supporters need to understand that as bad as most Berniecrats think Hillary Clinton is, she’s still a world better than Donald Trump. They might not like Clinton, but they can try to oust her in four years, whereas after four years of Trump, there wouldn’t be a country left to salvage. If America doesn’t get wiped out in a nuclear holocaust after Vladimir Putin makes a joke about Trump’s tiny orange penis, we’d still be faced with food shortages after Trump signs the executive order that forces all farmers to water their crops with Brawndo Energy DrinkThe Thirst Mutilator — because it has electrolytes, and it’s got what plants crave.

Will every Berniecrat eventually support Hillary Clinton? Definitely not. Will most? I don’t know. Will some? They already have. But I think I can pretty safely state that you won’t find many Berniecrats who are willing to vote for Donald Trump this November. And if you can, you’ll probably be able to count them on Trump’s tiny childlike fingers.

Say what you will about Hillary Clinton — Lord knows I sure have — but at least she’ll keep America in one piece long enough for us to kick her out of the White House in four years and replace her with a more serious and more honest progressive. That’s about as much of an endorsement as most Berniecrats are willing to make right now; Clinton is bad, but Trump is the worst. So Trump supporters? Stop trying to court us Berniecrats. It’s not happening.

Photo by Gage Skidmore