So much for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential bid being a sure bet

When Hillary Clinton looks back on this week, she’s going to remember it as being one of the worst weeks of her life, and arguably, if not definitely, the worst of her political career. And if she loses her primary bid — that’s as realistic a possibility now as it’s ever been — this might be the week she looks back on when dreaming about owning a time machine and being able to change her past.

The ground Clinton lost this week to primary rival Bernie Sanders might prove to be insurmountable. In just the past few weeks, she’s gone from huge national leads and hanging on to a strong momentum to losing her “inevitable” status and struggling to compete against the tens of millions of Americans who #FeelTheBern.

Hillary Clinton’s Worst Day

Thursday was a huge day for Bernie Sanders’ campaign. First, The Nation, an iconic magazine that has been shaping America’s progressive vision since 1865, openly endorsed Bernie Sanders, saying he has “summoned a political revolution.” This marks only the third time they’ve endorsed a candidate in their 150 years in publication (the first was Jessie Jackson in 1988, and the second was Barack Obama in 2008).

Next, 170 of America’s top economists — including Bill Clinton’s former Labor Secretary and America’s most popular rock star economist, Robert Reich — endorsed Sanders as well, in an open letter published to Sanders’ campaign site.

Also on Thursday, a Washington Post article pointed out that Hillary Clinton’s lead is slipping away from her faster in 2016 than it did in 2008, when Clinton lost the primary to then-Senator Barack Obama. Clinton and Sanders are now neck and neck in many polls, and some polls have Sanders beating Clinton in Iowa and New Hampshire, while Sanders has closed the gap nationally.

Adding insult to injury, Hillary Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea Clinton, was sued on Thursday by the right-wing trolls at Citizen’s United, who demand she turn over email correspondence with her mother in the relentless, pointless “Email-Gate” scandal.

The Citizens United lawsuit is silly… even Bernie Sanders’ supporters will tell you that. But that’s not the worst thing Chelsea Clinton “contributed” to her mom’s campaign this week. On Tuesday, Chelsea lied during a campaign rally for Hillary Clinton, claiming Sanders’ health care plan would “empower Republican governors to take away Medicaid, to take away health insurance for low-income and middle-income working Americans.”

Was This Bernie Sanders Ad “Negative” Against Hillary Clinton?

Then, of course, we have the scandal circling around a recent Bernie Sanders campaign ad, which is shown here:

When you watched that, did you consider it to be an attack ad? Was Bernie Sanders slinging mud? No one else thought so, either… except for the Hillary Clinton Campaign, that is, who tried to scandalize the ad this week, an effort that triumphantly backfired as soon as anyone actually saw the ad in question.

Sanders never refers to Hillary Clinton or any of her ideas. The ad discusses the process in place today, versus the process Sanders envisions for America… two radically opposed concepts.

Her campaign’s temper tantrum over this ad says worse things about Hillary Clinton than Bernie Sanders, and it certainly raises some questions, too. Why are they going on the defensive against this ad if they aren’t in the pockets of those Wall Street banks that support her campaign? Why are they not willing to explain how Clinton’s platform would prevent big banks from abusing the American people? Is Clinton really a Wall Street lapdog who will defend those financial institutions before defending her potential constituents? Those are the questions I found myself asking as soon as the Clinton campaign started calling the ad “negative.”

The Tide Has Shifted

With the 2016 democratic primaries approaching at breakneck speed, Hillary Clinton’s campaign is suffering really big losses, all at one of the most critical points of the race. Bernie Sanders now holds most of the momentum and is cruising toward a major upset, while Clinton has spent this week struggling with damage control.

Primary voting begins soon, and in a few months, Hillary Clinton will find herself at the Democratic National Convention. Will she be announcing Julian Castro or Martin O’Malley as her pick for VP? Or will she be publicly endorsing Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren in 2016? If next week goes anything like this week just did, the smart money will be on the latter.

Photo by DonkeyHotey