Hillary Clinton Is A Free Woman, But It Would’ve Ended A Lot Differently If She Weren’t Hillary Clinton

As you’ve probably seen all over the news this week, the FBI’s probe into Hillary Clinton ended with the law enforcement agency suggesting that no charges be brought against the former Secretary of State, despite their blatantly stating that her use of a personal email server was in violation of the law, possibly endangered national security, and was “extremely careless,” to quote FBI Director James Comey.

Hillary Clinton’s supporters rejoiced at the news, mostly because we live in a society where most people read headlines and ignore content (if you’re actually reading this, thanks for breaking the norm!). For most Americans who actually read stuff, however, the scandal is far from over, and the FBI just made the scandal worse. Why? Because most Americans understand that if something like this happened to anyone who wasn’t Hillary Clinton, they’d never see daylight ever again.

Here’s what the FBI’s investigation turned up (and do note that we had to share a second link, because CNN failed to report the details that Politico noted): Hillary Clinton and her aides broke the law, even if they didn’t mean to. Clinton sent or received 110 emails containing classified information, despite her earlier claims that her email server was never used for classified information. Eight of those were classified as “top secret.” And it’s possible, if not entirely likely, that “hostile actors” had access to that classified information; Clinton’s email server was notably less secure than Gmail, they said, let alone actual government servers with full-time security staff, where such communications should have remained.

So yes, Clinton broke the law. Yes, Clinton endangered the public and sent and received classified information that had no business ever appearing on an unsecured, unsafe email server. Yes, Clinton was careless and reckless with classified information, and probably handed that information to the wrong people on a silver platter. So why in the Hell is the FBI suggesting no charges be brought against Clinton?

Because She’s Hillary Clinton. That’s Why

If Hillary Clinton were someone else — anyone else, really — she’d already be in jail awaiting trial, probably on at least a few dozen criminal counts (if not a few hundred). But Hillary Clinton is a rich white woman, a former Secretary of State and former First Lady who committed a white-collar crime. She’s well-connected. A household name. And that means she has a “get out of jail free” card that she gets to slap down on the table whenever she feels like doing so.

Imagine if Hillary Clinton weren’t Hillary Clinton, but Jane Doe, a fictional person we’re inventing here. Jane isn’t famous, she isn’t wealthy, and her husband isn’t a popular former president. Let’s say Jane has security clearance, for whatever reason. She decides to set up an illegal personal email server at home, and sends and/ or receives 110 emails containing classified information. That information is probably intercepted by Russian, Chinese, or Iranian, and/ or ISIS hackers… we can’t be sure if it was, but we can’t be sure that it wasn’t.

Jane didn’t mean for it to happen. She didn’t realize setting up an email server was careless, or how dangerous it could be, despite warnings from others that she shouldn’t do it. But our Jane Doe isn’t Hillary Clinton. She isn’t running for president, and she doesn’t have the full might of a political party, a sitting president, a former president, and millions of American voters standing behind her.

So what happens to Jane Doe? The FBI kicks in her door. She’s thrown to the floor and handcuffed with a dozen guns aimed at her skull. Dogs sniff through her apartment. Her family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors are interviewed extensively. She’s jailed without bail. And when the trial rolls around, she’s charged with 110 counts of gathering classified information, 110 counts of losing classified information, and hundreds of other charges. The question isn’t whether or not she goes to prison for that. The real question is whether she ever gets out.

Jane Doe Not Doing It For You? Meet Bryan Nishimura

Okay, wait… Jane Doe is a fictional person. We can’t really say all of this based on someone who doesn’t exist, can we? Well, we actually can, because we know what happened to Bryan Nishimura.

Bryan H. Nishimura of Folsom, California pleaded guilty in 2015 to the charge of unauthorized removal and retention of classified information. Nishimura was a Naval Reservist serving in Afghanistan back in 2007. He had access to classified information, which he copied onto his own personal media when transporting it on his person from base to base. He was sentenced to two years of probation and slapped with a $7,500 fine.

So what’s the difference between Clinton and Nishimura? Clinton kept those emails on her personal email server, where every hacker on the planet had access to it. The FBI even admits to the probability that “hostile actors” had gained access to that classified information. That makes Clinton’s crime literally hundreds of times worse than Bryan Nishimura’s.

But like our Jane Doe, Bryan Nishimura isn’t famous. He isn’t a wealthy, well-connected politician with friends in every conceivable position of power. That’s why Bryan got in trouble, and Hillary got off with a barely-noticeable verbal slap on the wrist.

James Comey Has Let Hillary Clinton Off The Hook Before

Think the plot can’t thicken any deeper? Well, it can.

Back in 2002, a United States attorney for the southern district of New York cleared the Clintons of criminal wrongdoing after President Bill Clinton gave clemency to four men who swindled tens of millions of dollars from the government, signing off on it on his very last day in office.

Those men were prominent figures in a Hasidic enclave that later voted overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton, leading many to believe Bill Clinton let the men off the hook for their crimes in exchange for securing Hillary Clinton votes in her Senate run.

Who was that US Attorney, you ask? Why, it was none other than James Comey, the future Director of the FBI, who was formerly involved with investigating Whitewater. The very man who just cleared Hillary Clinton this week by saying prosecutors shouldn’t pursue charges against her for the email scandal.

The FBI’s Hillary Clinton Probe Leaves Us With More Questions Than Answers

So why didn’t James Comey recuse himself of this latest Clinton investigation, seeing as how he very clearly has a history of investigating them with nothing whatsoever to show for it? Why has he not publicly addressed those earlier investigations into the Clintons? Why hasn’t anyone in the mainstream media mentioned Comey’s ties to Clinton, or brought up Bryan Nashimura’s case? Why has most of the mainstream media gone so far as to ignore the fact that Hillary Clinton did, in fact, have classified documents on her personal email server, and the fact that she blatantly lied to the American public about it? How and why does she get away with any of that?

Because she’s Hillary Clinton. Her powerful name, her comically immeasurable list of connections in politics and the financial world, her obscene wealth… it all comes in handy when you find yourself in questionable legal waters. And if she were anyone else, if she weren’t as connected or as wealthy or as famous, Hillary Clinton would be sitting in a prison cell right now.

And you thought her Armani jacket made her entitled and out of touch with everyday people?

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