Even the most fervent Bernie Sanders supporter will hopefully be quick to admit that there are certainly a number of scandals surrounding Hillary Clinton that simply aren’t true, if not utterly meaningless. Benghazi is the biggest of them all, of course. “Email-Gate” does raise some questions, but as it stands, it also comes across as a witch hunt, as obvious as it is empty.

But those Sanders supporters will also be quick to tell you something that even the most ardent of Hillary Clinton’s supporters can’t really deny with a straight face: her ties to Wall Street are questionable at best.

Hillary Clinton has two hands. One of them is holding a sword, fighting Wall Street for you and me. But in the other hand she’s holding a bag, and that bag is filled with donations from the very organizations she claims to be waging a war against. So which is it? Is Hillary a working class hero, or a corporate shill ranting against a broken system that she herself helped break?

One thing is certain: Wall Street is Hillary Clinton’s Achilles’ Heel, and whether you love her or hate her, her ties to Wall Street and her claims of crusading against them are proving to be a stark contrast that may end up costing her the White House.

Occupy Hillary Clinton

If we take her and her campaign at their word, Hillary Clinton comes across as a warrior of the working class, fighting pragmatically but fervently to bring Wall Street’s financial institutions and huge banks to heel.

Hillary’s campaign website lays out detailed plans for fighting Wall Street and for giving Americans the campaign finance reform that so many millions of us desperately demand.

On Sunday, Clinton told Meet The Press that she took on Wall Street as a Senator, a line she’s repeated in debates and on the campaign trail numerous times. And she’s also tried to paint Bernie Sanders as being soft on shadow banks, in an effort to prove that she can “out-Bern” Sanders on the Wall Street reform front.

What Does Hillary Clinton’s Wallet Have To Say?

Hillary Clinton certainly has some tough-talk when it comes to Wall Street. So where does the public get its perception that Clinton is dishonest and loyal only to her own political motivations? You’ll find that in the only room where Clinton would never rail against Wall Street… a Wall Street fundraiser.

On Tuesday, The Intercept revealed that Clinton will soon attend two big-money fundraiser events, both of which are solely accessible by Wall Street’s elite. The only thing more unlikely than Clinton using those events as opportunities to lecture Wall Street is the notion that the American public might get an opportunity to hear what Clinton is saying during those events.

That might seem bad, but not quite “Achilles’ Heel” bad… but it does, in fact, get worse. One look at her biggest campaign donors will settle any remaining doubts you may have over the existence of this conflict.

Until recently, OpenSecrets showed that Clinton’s biggest campaign contributors included a number of financial institutions and the law firms that represent them, including Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan Chase, Citi Group, and Goldman Sachs, as well as cable giants like Time Warner, who owns CNN… a network that critics say tends to favor Clinton over Sanders in their reporting.

That list has now been whitewashed with entertainment-industry donations, which bumped those results off of the stack of top donors. But OpenSecrets does still show, as of this article being written anyway, that the top industries supporting Clinton’s campaign include securities and investment firms, law firms, business services, big pharma, and the retired former leaders of those industries.

Is Hillary Clinton a Crusader Or A Co-Conspirator?

So which is it? Is Hillary Clinton a crusader, fighting the good fight against the financial sector’s abuses and championing the needs of the people above all else? Is she a pragmatic realist, hoping to affect minute change little by little while avoiding biting the hand that feeds her? Or is she a dishonest career politician, one who says what she needs to say and takes what she needs to take in order to push forward her political aspirations? That’s the decision you need to make for yourself.

Regardless of what you choose to believe, one thing is abundantly clear: Wall Street is Hillary Clinton’s Achilles’ Heel in 2016. Occupy Wall Street successfully set a tone that calls for drastic and immediate change. How Hillary answers that call, and what you think of said answer, have yet to be determined.

Photo by Terrapin Flyer