Perpetual Scandals Are Drowning Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Aspirations

Lately, whenever I think about Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential race, an image of an old pioneer family comes to mind. It’s raining, and their Conestoga wagon is stuck in the mud, while her staffers try and fail in perpetuity to heave a heavy stone out from under a wheel using a nearly-snapping tree branch.

In this metaphor, the wagon is Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. That big rock thwarting their hopes of momentum represents all of the scandals said campaign has been mired in from day one. And the rain? Well… that’s Clinton herself.

Clinton’s presidential dream has been entrenched from day one, surrounded by a ceaseless array of scandals that her campaign can’t seem to escape from. And it doesn’t seem to matter how hard they try to fight back or how often her staunch supporters attempt to deflate or deflect those scandals. They’ve been winning, dominating her campaign from top to bottom. And now, if she does manage to win, her victory will forever be tarnished.

Hillary Clinton Will Soon Have More Scandals Than Supporters

It really isn’t fair for anyone to say that she brought all of this on herself, because she really didn’t. Some of the scandals surrounding Hillary Clinton of late, most notably the Benghazi nonsense conservatives will still be talking about twenty years from now, are inventions of a right-wing that’s been hell bent on taking her down for nearly thirty years.

But what about all of the other scandals? Say what you want about her emails, or Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s questionable (if not illegal) pro-Hillary antics, or the super delegate fiasco, or her paid speeches to huge Wall Street institutions and banks, or the public’s perception that she bases her “views” on polling data with the hopes of getting ahead politically… Hillary Clinton absolutely, unquestionably, undoubtedly brought all of that on herself. Every last bit of it.

Perpetual scandals help Donald Trump. Every time we liberals complain about something racist he says or does, Trump picks up thousands of new supporters and leaps in the polls. His supporters love all the things the rest of us in America hate about him. They love his bigotry. They love his cocky, brute demeanor. They love that he almost never uses words with more than five letters in them.

But Clinton’s scandals have the polar opposite effect on her base. Each time a new scandal, invented or not, makes its way into our national dialog, her poll numbers shrink, and Bernie Sanders picks up those thousands of voters she sheds. At this point, you’d almost be crazy to assume Hillary could hope to win the primary, let alone turn these lemon-flavored scandals into lemonade and reconquer her campaign’s utterly lost narrative.

You Can’t Have A Campaign Of Issues When You’re The Issue

If Hillary Clinton does somehow manage to win the primary, however unlikely that’s starting to seem, the American people are going to have a whole big mess of questions… questions her campaign simply isn’t prepared to answer. And that controversy, however fabricated her supporters might argue it to be, will end up forming the framework for how the GOP takes her down in the general election.

If Clinton really wants to have any remote hope of winning in 2016, she needs to do what right now seems impossible: change the narrative, shake off the scandals, and somehow turn herself into the folk hero Bernie Sanders has become, winning over the hearts and minds of the American people. Not the policy wonks, not the insiders, not the donors… actual, real-life, normal people. Because that’s a battle she’s losing right now, and losing hard. And if Bernie Sanders’ supporters have one phrase they love to use more than #FeelTheBern, it’s definitely We, The People.


Photo by marcn