Gabby Douglas Drew The Ire Of Right-Wing Lunatics This Week For Standing During The National Anthem While Black

What did you want to do with your life when you were four years old? Chances are you wanted to be a space adventurer, or a cowboy/cowgirl, or maybe an amusement park owner daylighting in a bubblegum factory. Gabby Douglas? She wanted Olympic Gold. And today, at just 20 years of age and having been to two Olympic games, she’s made that dream a reality three times.

Gabby Douglas is an incredible American athlete, performing with a team of other incredible American athletes, and competing on a global stage against the very best gymnasts the human race has to offer… and she’s winning.

But wherever there’s a black person doing amazing things, there will always be a right-wing ass-clown desperately hoping to see them fail, watching them and hoping to see them do something — anything at all — that can set them off. And standing at attention during America’s national anthem, rather than putting her hand over her heart? That’s as good an excuse as any to organize a lynch mob.

That’s what happened Tuesday night when Gabby Douglas stood at attention during her team’s medal ceremony — after having won another gold medal for the United States, don’t forget — but didn’t put her hand over her heart.

Some of the criticism was mild, as seen in the Washington Post article we linked to in that last paragraph. But take a look at some of the reactions dug up by Modern Liberals below to see prime examples of how trashy, ignorant right-wing extremists behave in public forums:

Right-wing America reacts to Gabby Douglas' podium "controversy"

Right-wingers sound like a broken record whenever a black person does something they can manufacture rage over, and these tweets prove it. Their first reactions are always to link them to #BlackLivesMatter, a movement those right-wingers never bother to try and understand the message of. But there’s absolutely no evidence that Gabby Douglas associates herself with that movement. And even if she did, there’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with that.

The next step in the fringer playbook? Label Gabby Douglas a Muslim. She didn’t salute America, so clearly she hates Jesus, right?

Well, about that: Gabby Douglas is actually a devout Christian who listens to Christian pop music while working out and practicing. The book she wrote after winning gold twice in London back in 2012 is titled “Grace, Gold, and Glory: My Leap Of Faith” and talks about how important her Christian faith is to her in her quests for Olympic gold.

This information is available to anyone who spends even four seconds thinking and Googling before exploding on social media. Then again, these are racist right-wing jerkoffs. “Thinking” isn’t in their repertoire.

Do you think these same people show up at sporting events and chastise all of the white people in the audience who fail to put their hands over their hearts during the national anthem? Because that would take a pretty long time, and I doubt most people would sit around in the stadium for 30+ hours, waiting for their turn to get screamed at by subhuman filth.

This “controversy” is the end-result of right-wing America’s embrace of racism and the empty patriotic platitudes they use in an effort to claim they love America more than anyone else, all while being the most openly critical of our nation and any semblance of progress we make in just about any field. These are the people who are backing Donald Trump, folks, and there are a lot of them.

Gabby Douglas is an American hero, winning gold medals not only for herself or for her team, but for this amazing country that offered her the opportunities to get on to that podium. Her performances in the Olympics have been breathtaking, impeccably athletic and creative, and utterly impossible for any one of her critics to duplicate themselves. She’s won gold for the United States. She can stand on that podium however the hell she wants.

Photo by TrishaLyn