Website Devoted To Fracking Tries To Lure Millennials With Terrible Memes. It’s Not Working

If you’re like most Americans, you probably hear the word “fracking” and worry about man-made earthquakes, water pollution, and the ability to put a lighter to your kitchen faucet and turn your tap water into a stream of fire. The jury is no longer out: fracking is dangerous, unnecessary, and ridiculously harmful to the environment.

But that won’t stop the fracking industry from pandering to young people harder than Hillary Clinton talking about Pokémon Go. And their propaganda website, FrackFeed, might just be the most ridiculous, accidentally hilarious website on the Internet.

Created by the group North Texans For Natural Gas (a so-called “grassroots” organization clearly also set up by the natural gas industry), FrackFeed is loaded to the brim with cheesy pro-fracking listicles and memes seemingly penned by corporate propagandists desperately struggling against the shifting tide of the American public, who can’t help but hate fracking the more they learn about it.

Where else on the Internet can you find articles titled “11 FACTS ABOUT FRACKING AND ENERGY SECURITY THAT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND,” all in caps? What other website on the Internet is churning out campy fail-memes attacking truly clean energy like the one shown below?

A meme created by the corporate fracking propagandists at "FrackFeed"

Yes, I know that hurt to read. Yes, I feel bad for having sprung that on you. But let this serve as a cautionary tale of what happens when older business people attempt to tap into the creativity and energy of a younger generation. Don’t do it. Just don’t.

Some of you were brave enough to click the link. For the rest of you, we’ll just sum up their site like this: You know how you see someone on TV or in a movie playing a video game, but they’re just button-mashing like a crazy person? Or when they’re holding a PS4 controller, but the audio in the background sounds like a video game from the 1980s? That’s basically what this website is.

You’ll probably want to rinse out the bad stuff you just saw on that website, so we’re going to give you another link that should help. Here’s a website that is actually funny: pokes a satirical javelin through corporate websites that all look exactly the same. We’re not sure if that’s going to help rinse away all of that awfulness you just absorbed from the FrackFeed site — we’re really sorry about that, by the way — but it should hopefully help at least a little bit.

Images courtesy of FrackFeed. Used under condition of fair use