Remember all of those online discussions you had between 2008-ish and 2011-ish, with all of those birther idiots who claimed Barack Obama wasn’t eligible to be president? Remember how ignorant those people were? Remember how confident you were that they were definitely being racists?

Ted Cruz is proving all of that right today. Especially the “racist” bit. Because apart from Donald Trump, it seems that very few conservatives seem to care that by their own anti-Obama criteria, Cruz is definitely ineligible to be president.

Ted Cruz vs. Barack Obama

Barack Obama was born in Hawaii. His mother was an American citizen, and his father was a citizen of Kenya. But Obama’s dark skin and foreign-sounding name drove many a conservative to question his eligibility to be president, prompting the Obama campaign to respond to questions no presidential candidate had ever been asked prior.

They responded by verifying his American citizenship in every way imaginable. They released not one, but two different copies of his birth certificate, both of which were authenticated by officials in Hawaii. Newspapers clippings showing his birth announcements were found. Hospital officials were reached out to. Obama had to jump through every hoop imaginable to prove that he was and is, in fact, an American citizen.

Meanwhile, Ted Cruz’s legitimacy is beyond questionable… there really isn’t any comparison, actually. Like Obama, Cruz was born to a foreign father — a Cuban immigrant of Canadian citizenship — and an American mother. But Talking Points Memo recently revealed that Cruz’s mother was a registered Canadian voter, stirring up a maelstrom of questions regarding Cruz’s eligibility to be president.

Does the voter registration prove that she was a Canadian citizen? No one can be certain. What we do know, however, is that Ted Cruz’s campaign is in full-blown crisis mode, and with good reason… his American citizenship is drastically more questionable than Obama’s was in the 2008 presidential race.

Where Is The Birther Army, And Why Aren’t They Harassing Ted Cruz?

If the birther movement wasn’t formed to address Barack Obama’s race, above all else, then surely you’d expect them to turn out in droves to question Ted Cruz’s citizenship… right? Especially given this recent, potential revelation that Ted Cruz’s mother may have been a Canadian citizen?

So far, that hasn’t happened. Donald Trump has been making a stink about Cruz’s eligibility, and a number of progressives have raised these questions, mostly in a clear effort to draw attention to the irony of it all. But there certainly aren’t any huge swaths of conservatives questioning Ted Cruz’s citizenship, especially not to the degree we saw them up-in-arms over President Obama’s authenticity.

Birther Queen Orly Taitz has mostly been silent on the Ted Cruz issue, and certainly hasn’t been as fired-up about his citizenship as she was with Barack Obama. The Tea Party seems to support Cruz, and I’ve yet to hear any Tea Party leaders questioning whether Cruz is eligible or not.

Ted Cruz Isn’t Black

The silence from the birther community can only mean one of two things, and neither option does any favors for conservativism as a whole: Either…

(1) Birthers were partisan hacks, inventing a phony scandal out of thin air that they didn’t really care about, in a hapless effort to besmirch (and even possibly impeach) a sitting president, or…

(2) They were blatant racists, and the entire birther movement was fueled purely by racial ignorance and general xenophobia.

The truth is, the whole birther “scandal” was probably rooted in that latter option, and enhanced by the first. We’ve yet to see any real evidence to the contrary.

The birther crowd are typically the same people who shout “all lives matter!” when they hear “#BlackLivesMatter,” and bring up completely irrelevant black-on-black violence statistics in an effort to avoid the topic at hand. They’re the same people who always come out in favor of police or civilians who murder unarmed black people, saying things like “I would’ve shot them, too!” They’re the same people who defend pointless, blatantly racist voter ID laws.

I’ve spent several years arguing with my fellow liberals, claiming that no, not every conservative is a racist. But that’s becoming harder and harder to claim as time marches forward.

Certainly every birther loon who whined and moaned about Obama and who isn’t batting an eye at Ted Cruz is most certainly a racist. There’s no debating that, so far as I can tell. If a birther wants to come along and explain to me how it isn’t racism to go on the offensive against Obama, while completely ignoring the Ted Cruz situation, by all means, explain yourself. But I’m slowly moving into the “all conservatives are racists” camp. Or in the very least, that they’re racist until proven otherwise.

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