Right-wingers have been thoroughly embarrassing both themselves and the whole of the country with their remarks ever since the tragic terrorist attacks in Paris. Donald Trump and others have claimed that France’s gun laws — not the terrorists or the guns they used — are to blame for the attacks, while others have criticized those countries for accepting Syrian refugees. But one douchebag Christian pastor in Arizona may have just surpassed them all, several times over, by saying the terror victims in Paris who were attending a death metal concert had it coming.

Pastor Steven Anderson of Faithful World Baptist Church in Phoenix, Arizona, said during his sermon on Monday that those attending the Eagles of Death Metal show in Paris should’ve known something horrible would happen, because, you know, their name has “death metal” in it.

In his sermon, which he titles “The Sinful Nation of France,” Anderson refers to Islam’s Prophet Mohammed as a “pedophile” while rambling about how evil Muslims are in general. Typical right-wing hyperbole, right? But then, at around the 3-minute mark, Anderson starts ranting about the Eagles of Death Metal concert at Bataclan theater.

“Let me tell you a little about the rock concert that the people were at when they died. This is what a lot of people are not emphasizing about this story. The concert was for a band called `Eagles of Death Metal,’ okay? So these people are at a concert of a band called `Eagles of Death Metal,’ and these are members from another band that’s known as `Queens of the Stone Age’… but they’re men, okay?”

Anderson seems as if he’s about to go off on a huge transphobic rant, but instead, he starts reading from an article about Eagles of Death Metal frontman Jesse Hughes, who Anderson later refers to as a “hillbilly faggot,” in which Anderson emphasizes Hughes’ drug use and his nickname, “the Devil,” as examples of how Hughes is a satanic figure, and quotes Hughes as having said that he’s “deeply religious, and I felt like the devil had given me this song.”

“… So his religion is to worship the Devil. `Eagles of Death Metal’ is the name of the band.’ And the Bible says, in Proverbs, `All they that hate me love death’ — speaking of God — those who hate God love death. You know, there’s something about if you go to a concert of death metal, [Anderson shouts] SOMEBODY MIGHT GET KILLED! You know, you’re worshipping death, and then all the sudden people start going [mocking the victims] `ooh, wait a minute, what’s going on?’ Well, you love death so much, you bought the ticket! You love worshiping Satan, well let’s have some of Satan’s religion come in and shoot you! I mean, that’s what these people should think about before they go to such a wicked concert. And look, I’m not condoning what these Islamic murderers did, they’re wicked, they’re murderers. But you know what? Nobody should be at a concert worshiping Satan with this drug-pushing hillbilly faggot, and that’s what he is.”

I almost feel compelled to explain to Anderson that Eagles of Death Metal aren’t actually a death metal band; they have more of a bluesy rockabilly sound. But then I realize that there’s a whole lot someone needs to explain to Anderson, and the finer intricacies of music genres are the least of his problems.

Steven Anderson, who openly mocks the victims of a horrible terrorist attack while throwing around homophobic slurs and unabashed hatred for all Muslims… how is this guy not the leader of the Westboro Baptist Church?

Photo by rohypnol [Francesco Zaia]