Are Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton Working Together To Secure Clinton The White House?

If you follow politics even a little, chances are you’ve heard this theory already: That Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are in cahoots, working together to secure Clinton the Presidency. That Trump will intentionally self-destruct his campaign to help Hillary advance. But is there any truth or merit to this idea? Or is it nothing more than an empty conspiracy theory?

I’ve heard both Trump and Clinton supporters flatly deny the theory out of hand. The more fervently they believe in their candidate, the less likely they are to even consider the possibility that there could be some degree of collusion between the two of them. And if you don’t examine any of the facts and dismiss the theory outright, it’s pretty easy to draw that same conclusion; the theory sounds like some creative endeavor from a Hollywood screenwriter, a political comedy about a boisterous, loudmouthed business tycoon intentionally throwing a presidential race to help out his sneaky, corrupt politician friend. Adding insult to injury, the protagonists in that screenplay have yet to reveal themselves.

So here’s the theory, plainly stated: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton plotted together to steal the election in November by getting Trump to win the Republican primary, only to then throw the race intentionally so that Clinton would win. Clinton would obviously get the presidency, but what does Trump get? A federal government that treats both his business dealings and legal affairs kindly. Everybody wins! Well, not the voters, but yeah, you get the idea.

The theory on its own sounds utterly ridiculous; it resembles the stuff of tinfoil hat soapbox preachers in Central Park. So why has the idea gained so much traction? Why have so many mainstream media outlets, including The Hill and The BBC, written about this? Even CNN — dubbed by many as “the Clinton News Network” for their rosy, oftentimes overtly biased reporting on her — has mentioned the theory a few times. So why are so many in the media taking these allegations with grains of sugar rather than salt?

The answer is simple: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are actually old friends. Yes, really! And it goes beyond all of the much-publicized hefty donations Trump has made to Clinton over the years, too. Whether that actually translates into some lofty conspiracy tying Clinton and Trump together remains to be seen, but their close friendship is indisputable, and it’s more than enough to send the conspiracy theories flying.

Hillary Clinton not only attended Donald Trump’s wedding in 2005 to Melania, but she sat front row, where family is supposed to sit. Bill Clinton still has a locker at Trump’s Westchester golf course, and Trump was golfing with Bill regularly prior to the kick-off of the primary season. There’s simply no denying it: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were close friends, despite whatever they say about each other today.

The final nail in the coffin? Buzzfeed discovered that in 2008, Donald Trump said that Hillary Clinton would be a great President. One might argue that most of the hostility Trump has shown toward Barack Obama since the 2008 Democratic Primary stemmed directly from Trump’s adamant support of Clinton’s candidacy that year.

That outward hostility and criticism naturally resulted in the development of a conservative fan base, a base Trump fired up in 2011 when he set out on a birther conspiracy theory quest to prove that Barack Obama wasn’t a natural-born United States citizen, an effort that ultimately proved fruitless.

Through all of that anti-Obama rhetoric, Trump set himself up as a dark horse in the 2016 presidential race. His friendship with Hillary Clinton, and his endorsement of her in 2008 to become President, and the subsequent hostility he showed toward Barack Obama, created the opportunity for Trump to compete in the Republican primary.

To put that plainly: if it weren’t for Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump wouldn’t be running in 2016.

Okay, so they’re old friends: not a big deal, right? Well, what if I told you that Donald Trump is running his campaign so poorly that it almost seems like he wants to lose intentionally? Because that’s exactly what’s happening.

Back in June, it was reported that Donald Trump was running his campaign into the ground — if he was even running a campaign at all — with such voracity that many questioned if he wanted to be the nominee to begin with. His fundraising efforts were comically bad. He had no ground-game in States, and no real staff either. His campaign was running purely on all of the free media attention he picked up from being a loudmouthed ass-clown on national television, and he won the Republican primary solely on that.

There aren’t really any indications that his campaign has improved these past few months, either. Fundraising increased after the Republican National Convention, but that’s mostly money coming from the party and its own fundraising apparatus.

Speaking of the party, Donald Trump is running his campaign so poorly and so controversially that he may bring the entire Republican Party down with his shoddy presidential run. And given how unserious his campaign efforts have been, and his constant feuding with the party, and with this conspiracy theory about a Clinton/ Trump mutual effort gaining traction, it’s easy to assume that bringing down the GOP would be a bonus reward for Trump’s efforts, one that Hillary Clinton would certainly get a kick out of.

Trump clearly has no interest in helping Republicans win. Just last week, we learned that Trump doesn’t want to help down-ballot candidates within the Republican party, and went so far as to threaten the GOP with a halt to his fundraising efforts if they considered pulling any money from his campaign.

So just how much merit is there to this theory? Do all of these facts prove that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have been working together from the start? Or is this little more than an empty conspiracy theory, birthed from the presence of those facts? That’s for you to decide.

One thing is clear: If this theory is true, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump need to go to prison for election fraud. It would be a scandal so massive that it would rock both parties to their cores and crumble them into dust. If this conspiracy proved to be true, it would change American politics and elections forever, and create sweeping election reforms the likes of which this nation hasn’t seen since we fought and won a war of independence against the British.

But if the theory is untrue, it says something alarming about contemporary American politics and the state of the 2016 presidential election. These are the two most openly-despised presidential candidates in American history. Most of their respective supporters are only backing them with the hopes of thwarting the other candidates’ potential presidency. Our society has become so skeptical of career politicians like Hillary Clinton and slimy trust fund baby tycoons like Donald Trump that theories we’d otherwise think were loony actually seem to make sense out of hand.

I don’t know if Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are working together. Does the theory make sense when you consider the evidence? Yes. Does that mean it’s definitely happening? Not really. We’ll never know the truth, and if Clinton or Trump ever actually addressed it, it’s not like any of us would believe either of them when they denied it. Examining this conspiracy theory close-up reveals only one undeniable truth: American politics are nucking futs.

Photo by DonkeyHotey