All Americans should be licking their chops at the possibility of Donald Trump demolishing the Republican Party and winning the GOP nomination for President. Sounds crazy I know… Or does it?

Just The Facts Ma’am

With Donald Trump in the race, and a country that seems to be so divided on so many issues right now, 2016 will be a record breaking year in terms of voter turnout. 43% of Americans identified politically independent in 2014, while Democrats continued to hold a modest edge over Republicans, 30% to 26%.

These numbers are significant because they show Democrats already hold a slight statistical edge over Republicans but historically it also means 30% of the electorate have already decided to vote for whoever the Democratic nominee is. 26% of the electorate has already decided they will vote for whomever the Republican nominee is. Those are the hardliners. They only care about getting their party representative into the White House. The remainder of the electorate, that large chunk of independents is up for grabs and will decide the next President of the United States.

As the weeks towards the primaries continue to dwindle down, Trump will unapologetically continue to alienate and distance not only himself, but the entire Republican Party, away from potential undecided voters. By referring to entire ethnic groups as drug trafficking rapists, and developing a plan to deport 11 million of their family members, discrediting veterans, speaking chauvinistically about women, stating that African Americans attempting to take a stand for justice and racial equality “deserve to be roughed up” if they do so at his rallies, mocking disabled Americans, and even bragging about his poll numbers rising while giving tribute to 14 Americans being murdered by terrorists, Trump is driving away voters one demographic at a time.

Nothing Motivates Americans to Vote Like Fear

Has there ever been a better fear mongering motivational speaker than Donald Trump? Look at his current rise in the polls I just referenced following a few more mass shootings in America. Remember those numbers pertain only to registered Republican voters.

Trump will continue to steer voters away while advocating for America to abandon her values and rights of religious freedom, pursuant to commit war crimes and kill women and children, in his attempt to start a holy WWIII. Yeah he talks tough for a guy who’s not a politician, and knows as much about running a complex government as he did running the USFL. Talking tough does not qualify him to be the highest ranking politician in the world.

The Prospect Bernie Sanders v Donald Trump

On the other side of fear mongering to motivate voters, you have energy, enthusiasm, and excitement. Americans have been showing up at Bernie Sanders rallies in droves that drive the Donald dangerously delusional. Good versus evil, David versus Goliath, the candidate advocating for the 99% battling the actual 1%. Could there ever be a more dynamic clash of titans in the political arena of what more than 75% of Americans now believe to be a rigged, corrupt system of corporate puppets. Who do you think more Americans will identify with? The guy who flies coach, or the one with the gold plated interior private airliner with the matching helicopter? The guy sharing substantive, responsible plans for America at the largest campaign rallies, or the guy spreading hatred and bigotry while playing charades at his.                                                                                                                                                “You gotta see this guy.”


The 3rd Party Run

Even more damning for the Republican Party than a Bernie versus Trump election, will come if Donald Trump doesn’t win the nomination and runs 3rd party rogue. But would Trump really be dumb enough to run 3rd party if he doesn’t win the nomination?

Did you really just ask that?

Of course!! Of course the egotistical, unapologetic, never admit defeat, orange megalomaniac would. Duh. Of course this will spell defeat for the Republican Party. It’ll be game over. America will be great again. Thank you Mr. Trump. It doesn’t even matter who the Democratic nominee is. You think he cares? Trump doesn’t care about anybody but Trump. He’s only in it for himself. He’d sell you one of his daughters if he could. Or was it he’d “be dating one of his daughters,” if he could. I get those two confused.

Photo by Gage Skidmore