If you went back in time by one year and told me that Donald Trump would sweep up YUGE Super Tuesday 2016 wins, creaming rivals Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio by staggering numbers… well, first I’d ask you why you didn’t go back further in time and kill Hitler, but then, I’d demand to see your evidence.

But that’s precisely what happened yesterday. Donald Trump obliterated the opposition with wins so tremendous that it’s a wonder how the Republican primary is even still happening. Trump has now become as unstoppable as his hair is ridiculous… and his hair is really f–king ridiculous.

Donald Trump’s inexplicable rise is as dangerous for America as it is unprecedented. A belligerent, bullheaded ignoramus with no government experience of any kind, cursing up a storm and insulting his rivals as he clinches every last vote of fundamentalist Christians who have every reason to hate him… it’s quite possibly the most bizarre story in presidential election history.

But for Republicans, Donald Trump’s ascension is troubling for whole other reasons, besides the mere threat of the collapse of the Republic that the rest of us are losing sleep over. Donald Trump threatens to burn the GOP to the ground, and bring the party into territory it will never, ever recover from. And the worst part of it all, for them at least? The Republican Party is solely responsible for inadvertently creating this Donald Trump phenomena themselves.

Donald Trump Is Clinching The Stupid Vote

Stand-up comic and Chappelle Show co-creator Neal Brennan described Donald Trump’s supporters in the best way I’ve heard to date, likening them to a teenage girl dating a 25-year old man who tell her parents “you don’t understand my Donny! He’s a good man! He’s gonna build us a wall!

Donald Trump appeals to three groups, and three groups only. The first are low-information voters who only follow politics as far as buzzwords allow; they don’t read the article, but they’ll sure as hell comment on the headline. The second group are people who are considerably less engaged than that; they’d struggle to tell you the names of three people serving in Congress, and probably can’t point out their own State on a map of our country. The third group? White supremacists. Bigots love The Donald.

For ignorant voters and bigots, Donald Trump is the whole package. He speaks at a fourth-grade level, almost never using words with more than five or six letters (and half of those he can’t even spell). He never goes into the “boring” explanations of what he’ll do or how he’ll accomplish it, either; he tells you he’s going to make America Great Again, because he’s Donald Trump, and everything he does is “the best.” Rather than proving he knows what he’s talking about, as we’d expect from any other candidate, Trump’s supporters take him at his misspelled word.

When Donald Trump does go into detail beyond the egotistical bullet-points, he looks and sounds like a bigoted fascist in every sense of the word. Banning Muslims and forcing them to wear ID, referring to Mexicans as drug dealers and rapists, threatening to murder the families of ISIS members… you’ve heard it all before, I’m sure.

The GOP Created Donald Trump, But Can They Stop Him?

The Republican Party seems hell-bent on thwarting Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, with one GOP Senator going so far as to suggest the GOP may need to run a third-party candidate against him.

But here’s where the sugar gets lumped onto the irony: The GOP created Donald Trump, or in the very least, created his supporter base and all of the conditions for Trump’s strange, seemingly unstoppable rise.

For decades now, we’ve heard Republicans across the board belittle the educated, railing against climate science and evolution while posturing themselves firmly against the “college-educated elites” who have the audacity to present science, logic, reasoning, and statistical facts while debating political issues. The GOP has been waging a war on education and “book smarts” since at least the 1980’s or 1990’s, opting for Christianity in place of intellectualism and rustic “DIY” lifestyles over the often-vilified “big city living” of the progressive coasts.

When you spend all that time telling your base that smart people are bad, that progressives are enemies of your faith and morality itself, that you should never trust any information that doesn’t jive with your preconceived conservative beliefs, that President Obama is the Antichrist, and that any conservative who says anything that might favor bipartisanship is a “RINO,” the end result is something best personified by Donald Trump.

The GOP created Donald Trump. They created his supporters. They gave birth to the Tea Party, they defended George W. Bush and all of his intellectual flaws, and they nurtured the environment in which Trump is thriving today. Donald Trump is the GOP’s Frankenstein Monster, and their party simply doesn’t have enough pitchforks and torches to steer him back toward the laboratory.

What can the GOP do to stop Donald Trump from ruining their party? Nothing they’ll be willing to do, that’s for sure. Throwing their support behind Bernie Sanders (the socialist) or Hillary Clinton (the pariah) are nonstarters for them. Running a third-party candidate in the general would split the ticket and cost them any hope of winning, which is practically the same as supporting the aforementioned Democrats. Their only option at this point? Grin, bear it, and watch the GOP collapse over the course of the next few years.

The worst part for us progressives? We won’t get to enjoy it… not if Donald Trump is staining the Resolute Desk with spray-tan while a huge gold “TRUMP” sign gets bolted to the Truman Balcony.

Photo by cornstalker