Democrats “Occupy” Capitol Hill With Sit-In While Demanding A Vote On Gun Control

When it comes to sitting around doing nothing and getting paid for it, there are a few different careers that immediately come to mind. The Maytag repair guy is one. I once knew a girl who was paid for a whole summer to be a lifeguard at a lake where construction was happening, and the beach was closed, so that definitely counts.

But when it comes to careers where you literally sit around doing jack-squat, nothing holds a candle to the United States Congress. And this week, Democrats managed to crank that metaphor up to eleven and break off the knob: they’re currently staging a sit-in on the floor of the House, refusing to budge until something — anything — is done on gun control legislation.

According to The Hill, democrats have been squatting on Capitol Hill since Tuesday morning, demanding Congress make some sort of move on gun control before Congress goes on recess at the end of the week. The drama unfolded after the Senate managed to fail on Monday at passing any of the four gun control measures presented to it by both Democrats and Republicans.

Whether they’ll give up this weekend and go on their totally undeserved vacations as planned remains the biggest question. It’s not like they’re actually disrupting any real work… this is Congress we’re talking about, after all. And it’s not like House or Senate Democrats are willing to cave an inch on the Republican-pushed bills, either. That might make Democrats look bad, after all.

The obvious solution to the quandary of gun control legislation is also the simplest one: pass the two best bills, one from each party, and then both sides win.

The Democratic Murphy Amendment would expand background checks and close gun show loopholes. That one sounds like it could save a whole lot of lives. The Republican Grassley Amendment would stop the mentally ill from buying firearms. That sounds like a winner to me, too.

This isn’t f–king rocket science, Congress. Those are the two best ideas. Pass both of those, and both parties win. More importantly — and you guys really need to understand and appreciate this — THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WIN. That’s who you work for, at the end of the day… in case you forgot.

So no, we don’t want you sitting around on the floor demanding a vote. And no, despite whatever Hillary Clinton says, what you’re doing isn’t “leadership.” Leadership would be going to Republicans with a proposal like the one I just pitched, offering both sides a win so the American people can win. That is leadership.

What Democrats are doing right now in the House is theatrical time-wasting. They want to be seen as doing something, rather than actually doing something. The American people demand real action, guys… not a stage show. So get up off the floor, take this perfectly reasonable solution to Republicans, and actually get something done. It would be pretty refreshing to see Congress actually working for a change, wouldn’t it?

Photo by davidmesaaz