“The end of democracy and the defeat of the American Revolution will occur when government falls into the hands of lending institutions and moneyed incorporations.”

– Thomas Jefferson

The death sentence of the American Democracy was announced on January 21, 2010 when the Supreme Court ruled that the Federal Government may not ban independent political spending by corporations in candidate elections. President Obama proclaimed that with this ruling, “The Supreme Court reversed a century of law that I believe will open the flood gates for special interests – including foreign corporations – to spend without limit in our elections.”

Since this decision, shrouded in corruption, millionaires and billionaires have been able to buy politicians, as recently admitted by billionaire Donald Trump, in exchange for special favors, something Trump has bragged about during his 2016 presidential campaign stump speeches. It has now become acceptable, in a political system that was supposed to be founded on the belief of one person, one vote, for the wealthy to “bet” on candidates in political horse races. Presidential hopefuls are now treated more like horses and dogs in the world of the rich as an elitist sport, than they are public servants with the responsibility to represent the beliefs and needs of their constituents.

Policies are now auctioned off to the highest bidders in the form of campaign “donations” by Super PACs. The sad fact of the matter is we, as a society, have simply accepted and allowed this to happen. The Koch brothers are now blatantly rubbing the fact that they matter more in the faces of all the people of the United States as they vow to spend more than $900 million dollars during the 2016 presidential elections to pick the dog who denies science and the factual findings in investigating the cause and effect of climate change, to keep their industry alive and prosperous.

75 percent of Americans now believe the United States political system to be corrupt, and why shouldn’t they? As of September 18, 2015, 1,143 groups organized as Super PACs have reported receipts of $299,815,818. What could the benefit be to contribute hundreds of millions of dollars to ensure a specific person is elected President? Perhaps Donald Trump would care to answer that question, as he has admitted to giving money to politicians for special favors. Perhaps Jeb Bush did during the GOP debate last Wednesday when he mentioned that Donald Trump attempted to donate millions of dollars to Jeb to allow casino gambling in the state of Florida while Jeb was Governor.

What could some of the other benefits be of donating so much money to ensure your horse wins the race? Lower taxes for your corporation, trade policies which allow you to ship jobs overseas to maximize profits for your corporation, ensuring policies and regulations in effect that protect your industry and corporation remain in effect, ensuring your corporation receives certain government-funded projects?

Unfortunately, this rampant corruption has gone virtually unreported to the American public, and it seems we don’t care or we’ve given up on the Democratic process which seems to have failed us. A staggering 42.5 percent of Americans did not vote in the 2012 presidential elections. Why is that? Is it because people don’t believe that their vote matters? Is it because people only feel like they would only be voting for the lesser of two evils? Either way, it’s virtually impossible to answer either of those questions or many others pertaining to why people choose not to vote, without the answer being rooted in corruption.

To refute the claims to our corrupt political system it would have to be explained why our economic system, which provides funds to these Super PACs, has become so rigged. How is it that the same people and corporations that have benefited the most from policy changes happen to also be the same people and corporations who have “donated” the most?

As an active duty Army vet who has put his life on the line and spent years away from his wife and kids — missing birthdays, holidays, first words, and first steps — to uphold and defend the freedoms granted to all Americans, I am personally offended that more people don’t exercise those freedoms. But there is hope, as was proven on Monday when the Koch-funded racehorse, Scott Walker, was euthanized and abandoned by donors after dropping in the polls following last Wednesday’s GOP debate.

It is of utmost importance, with the current state of our nation, that the American people do whatever they can to reclaim our dying democracy, exercise our constitutional freedoms so many have fought to defend, and return our great country from the oligarchy it has become to the democracy of which it was intended to be.

“Corporate expenditures for political purposes… have supplied one of the principal sources of corruption in our political affairs.”

– Theodore Roosevelt

Photo by DonkeyHotey