Let’s explore a hypothetical scenario, shall we?

A large group of armed, black protestors belonging to the #BlackLivesMatter movement seize control of a government building, demanding the release of two BLM members who were arrested on charges of arson, after they had set fire to other federal property. The BLM protestors are carrying an assortment of pistols, rifles, and other arms, and are refusing to leave the premises until their friends are released. This probably sounds familiar. That’s because this scenario is exactly identical to what’s happening in Oregon right now. The only difference is that we’ve replaced the Bundy family and their militiamen with #BlackLivesMatter activists. How would this event play out differently? How might different elements of the media react? Would this protest have even made it to its third day? The following is all hypothetical, but you’d be dreaming, if not totally nuts, to believe it wouldn’t be 100% true.

Stage I: #BlackLivesMatter Seizes The Building

In the first few hours, #BlackLivesMatter seizes control of the building. They barricade and fortify the premises, position snipers in a watchtower, and take stock of their supplies. Meanwhile, heavily-armed law enforcement secure a firm perimeter around the area and armored vehicles block roadways leading in, while a gaggle of police helicopters swarm overhead. Reality: The police were not visibly present, according to a Guardian reporter; a protestor armed with an assault rifle was seen standing guard at an entry, but there were no signs of law enforcement in the earlier hours of the actual standoff.

Stage II: The Media Does Their Thing

Almost immediately, the media is on the scene and covering the event. Fox News pundits are constantly using the words “terrorism,” “radical,” “violent,” and “extremist,” while right-wing websites like Breitbart and CainTV are relating the activists to DAESH/ ISIS and demand to know why the building hasn’t been raided by authorities yet.

Reality: As of this article being written, none of these conservative outlets — Fox News, Breitbart, or CainTV — have published anything negative about the Bundy terror siege. Each has written numerous negative pieces about #BlackLivesMatter, however, despite BLM having never once encouraged armed rebellion against the US government (links 1, 2, and 3).

Stage III: Authorities Make Their First Move

Approximately 6-8 hours into the ordeal, authorities tighten their perimeter and shut off all of the facility’s utilities (power, water, gas, phone, internet, etc.). They demand the #BlackLivesMatter activists drop their weapons and surrender.

Reality: Today, three days after the start of the actual ordeal, feds are only just now starting to talk about cutting power, and are still keeping a safe distance from the one-way standoff.

Stage IV: The Attack

Shortly after the hour-12 mark, authorities learn that #BlackLivesMatter activists have started a small, outdoor barrel fire in an effort to keep warm. The fire is perfectly safe, but this is interpreted as an act of arson and an effort to destroy the facility.

Several SWAT teams move in. Outmanned and outgunned, the dozen #BlackLivesMatter protestors throw down their weapons, raise their hands over their heads, and surrender. Phone cameras show three of the 12 unarmed activists being shot, despite their weapons being on the ground and their hands being raised above their heads.

Reality: The Bundy terrorists have had fires going since the first day without conflict. There has been no indication whatsoever that law enforcement have so much as entertained the idea that SWAT should be moved into the area. If you have a hard time believing unarmed black protestors might be shot by police, well, you’re living in a fantasy world. I always wanted to ride a unicorn to my job as a professional Minecraft player onboard the Millenium Falcon while … that must be pretty fun!

Why Are #BlackLivesMatter Treated More Like Terrorists Than Actual Terrorists?

A group of angry, heavily-armed men seizing control of a government building while threatening violence against authorities unless their arrogant demands are met. That is exactly what’s happening in Oregon right now. And that, for those of you who are keeping score, is the textbook definition of terrorism.

The sad part is, these domestic terrorists and their terror-sympathizing supporters are, more often than not, the exact same people who refute the existence of white privilege. Heck, Cliven Bundy is a well-established racist, so I’m willing to throw $20 down on the fact that Bundy himself doesn’t even know what the phrase “white privilege” actually means.

Make no mistake here, folks. If #BlackLivesMatter had armed themselves and seized control of government property, the rhetoric we’d be hearing out of the right would be VASTLY different than what we’re hearing today. For years, I’ve argued that no, conservatives aren’t necessarily racist, but you know what? That position is becoming harder and harder, if not flat-out impossible, to validate.

Photo by Rose Colored Photo