In mid-October, in an article to our readers, Matt Terzi, our editor in chief, announced that the crew at Firebrand Left was proud to announce that we had chosen to officially endorse Bernie Sanders for President. As Bernie continues to build the foundation of a true “political revolution,” the likes of which have never been seen in America, Bernie Sanders has electrified and inspired supporters. I’m not only talking about Bernie’s campaign rallies attracting more than 320,000 excited Americans from all across the country, or the fact that his campaign collected 1,000,000 individual donations quicker than any other candidate in history, or even the fact that his campaign just announced he has already received donations from more than 750,000 separate donors.

As Bernie’s grassroots movement continues to grow, leaving the great political strategists, pundits, and reporters scratching their heads as to what is fueling the fire behind the Bern, Bernie continues to deliver the message that this campaign is not about Bernie Sanders. It’s about the political revolution which has ignited not only an interest, but a passion, and a desire to not only learn about important political issues, but to also get involved in the political process.

As Bernie continues to prove just how electable he is, visiting states most Democratic contenders usually never dare, or visiting Christian, conservative Liberty University, he continues to gain support from people most would not expect to vote for a Democrat, let alone a “Socialist.” Yet, for some reason he has gained supporters from a lot of people of those demographics. A quick visit to facebook will reveal that a “State” for Bernie Sanders page already exists for almost all 50 States. There’s also Veterans for Bernie Sanders, Republicans for Bernie Sanders, Moderates for Bernie, Conservatives for Bernie Sanders, Libertarians for Bernie Sanders, and many others.

As the political “experts” of mainstream media continue to scratch their heads in bewilderment as to what exactly is behind the phenomenon of this political revolution, the fact is Bernie has tried to tell them what he believes is the secret behind his campaign’s success thus far. According to Bernie it’s that his message, he believes, and statistics show, resonate with most Americans. One reason they may not understand is because they fail to cover his campaign speeches. When he speaks to crowds as large as 30,000 people, even though they may rarely show the footage, how often do you hear the words of that message accompany said footage?

Bernie’s message is just a small part of what’s spreading the Bern like a California wildfire all across the country. Shortly after making his announcement to run in April, Bernie stated that he hoped to “have as much support as possible from all walks of life.” A bigger contributing factor may be his army of volunteer supporters. The people “from all walks of life” who Bernie has not only excited but awoken and instilled a desire to get involved in this political revolution. In a combined effort to not only help educate the “experts,” but to also further spread the Bern, the crew at Firebrand Left would like to extend an open invitation to all supporters of Bernie Sanders, especially those of you whose friends would not expect to support Bernie, or who have switched support to Bernie from another candidate, to write letters to the editor (matt.terzi[at], explaining what it is that has you feeling the Bern, or how it came to be that you may have switched support from another candidate, etc. We encourage you to discuss what issues and ideas have really struck a chord with you, or if it’s his voting record, civil rights history, honesty, integrity, moral courage, all of the above, or any other reasons.

Letters should aim to be 300-600 words in length and will be proofread and possibly selected to be featured in weekly articles. Based on the amount of responses we receive, we may be able to share more, through Firebrand Left and shared on social media. Letters should be substantive, informative, and positive in language and tone. We want to help spread the Bern, gain and solidify support for the campaign. To help change the minds of the misinformed and the uneducated. To help those who are on the fence or undecided make the right decision. Our goal is to help spread the Bern while giving a voice to those who Bernie has helped to wake up to the importance of this political revolution. Those of us who know Bernie is electable no matter how many times we hear otherwise. Those of us who have been truly inspired and feel the need to get involved and do something. To get the person we believe will move this country back towards protecting its greatest assets and potential. Americans, “from all walks of life.”

Photo by Michael Vadon