Associated Press Blatantly Lies About Hillary Clinton’s Delegate Count

From the start of the 2016 democratic primary, Bernie Sanders’ supporters have alleged that the mainstream media has been unjustly propping up the campaign of Hillary Clinton. The Associated Press has largely avoided those labels, too, unlike CNN or The Washington Post… until now, anyway.

On Monday, The Associated Press reported that Hillary Clinton, while “striding into history, had “clinched the nomination” after weekend votes had put her over the finish line. And within hours, all of the mainstream media outlets — CNN, NBC, Fox News, The Washington Post, Politico, even The New York Times and Reuters — had followed suit, reporting on the AP’s find.

There’s Just One Problem With The Associated Press’ Story: It’s Categorically False

The Associated Press counted Democratic Party super delegates in their numbers to reach the so-called “magic number” of 2,382 delegates needed to win the party’s nomination. But super delegates don’t actually count toward a candidate’s tally until the party holds its convention in July. That means that despite these reports, Clinton still has not actually clinched anything. And even if you inaccurately count her super delegates, the story is still false: even with those super delegates, she still hasn’t crossed the finish line.

As of this article being written, before the June 7th primary votes have been placed or counted, Clinton has a total of 1,812 pledged delegates, and 512 super delegates. If we added them together (which we aren’t supposed to do), we still end up with only 2,324 delegates… that still leaves Clinton 58 delegates short. But that doesn’t really matter, since again, super delegates don’t actually count for anything until the convention.

Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders isn’t that far behind Clinton in pledged delegates. He currently has 1,521 pledged delegates and 48 super delegates, meaning he’s behind by only 291 pledged delegates. That gap is pretty small, and only seems insurmountable when you count Clinton’s super delegate count. And what did we say about super delegates earlier? That’s right… they don’t actually matter yet.

Super Delegates Don’t Count… Until The Associated Press Makes Them Count, Anyway

The Associated Press story has been thoroughly (and easily) debunked, so now we find ourselves asking a question that’s a little more hazy: did the AP make an honest mistake? Or did they intentionally, maliciously cook their numbers and publish their story in the hopes of deflating Bernie Sanders’ primary day performance?

The Associated Press couldn’t have timed their story’s release any worse. They published it less than 24 hours prior to one of the most critical primary voting days of 2016, a day where millions upon millions of democrats will be heading out to the polls to cast their votes. The AP reporting that Clinton had clinched the nomination — and every mainstream media outlet parroting that story all night and all day — will surely leave countless swaths of voters feeling as if there’s no need to vote in today’s primary, especially those voters who support Bernie Sanders.

The mainstream media knows that super delegates don’t actually count toward a candidate’s victory until the convention. You’d be hard-pressed to find many at the Associated Press, of all places, that aren’t familiar with the process. So for them to intentionally count super delegates in Clinton’s favor, in the hopes of painting Bernie Sanders’ odds as insurmountable, does seem pretty shady. If the same thing were happening to your candidate of choice, albeit Clinton or someone else, you’d be raising the exact same questions.

So was it an honest mistake, or was the Associated Press putting forth a concerted effort to swing today’s primaries in favor of Hillary Clinton? It’s certainly possible that someone goofed in their reporting; to err is human, and all that. But you don’t need to be much of a cynic to assume the worst with this story. The timing is conspicuous as all hell. Even worse, all those countless mainstream media outlets reporting on the AP’s story as if it’s based on cold, hard facts, without doing any semblance of fact-checking to verify if the story is or is not accurate before reporting on it, raises far bigger alarms.

Whether you believe it’s a simple mistake that the mainstream media was too lazy to research on their own, or if you’re convinced it’s a media conspiracy to see Clinton elected so that a more hotly-contested general election can stir up better ratings for them, one thing remains clear: Hillary Clinton absolutely did not clinch the nomination, and won’t have done so even after today’s primaries are wrapped up and tabulated. The Associated Press either intentionally, maliciously lied, or made a simple, honest mistake… either way, the story isn’t true. The primary isn’t over, and with so many Americans having voted for Bernie Sanders thus far, it borders on criminal to try and report otherwise.

Photo by Foreign and Commonwealth Office