Firebrand 600

The team at Firebrand Left is always on the lookout for talented, witty, creative progressives with a fiery passion for current events. If you’re a devout liberal with strong writing skills and a desire to put America’s conservatives in their place, then you’ve come to the right place.

Who We Are

Founded in August of 2015, Firebrand Left is a website with a name that says it all: we’re firebrand progressives who passionately report the news that matters most to our likeminded brethren. We’re unapologetically liberal and proud of it, and cover news stories both big and small that our fellow liberals should know about, care about, and get fired-up about.

FBL was founded by a group of journalists, essayists, satirists, and other writers with one goal in mind: report and editorialize the news, supported with factual information, and mobilize liberals to stand up for what we truly believe in while doing so.

What We’re Looking For

Ideal candidates would meet or exceed the following prerequisites:

  • Passionate liberalism/ progressivism. Moderates need not apply
  • Genuine writing talent, with excellent grammar and spelling and a creative mind to put content together
  • A strong, factual sense of current events: we don’t publish conspiracy theories, hearsay, or fake news at FBL
  • 2+ years of professional writing/ journalism experience preferred, but not necessary
  • 18 years of age or older
  • Educational background in journalism, media, or political science not required, but it’s a big plus
  • Must have an active Facebook account and use it regularly
  • Must either have a Google AdSense account, or be willing to create one
  • Experience writing in WordPress preferred

FBL writers should be able to write 3+ articles per week, minimum. We ask all of our writers to try and write no less than 5+ articles per week. If you aren’t sure that you can commit that sort of time and energy to FBL, please hold off on applying and drop us a line when you can.


FBL writers are paid by Google through the Google AdSense program. Writers are given 2 ad units per article. This is highly competitive with most other sites, which either don’t pay at all or offer a percentage of ad revenue. At FBL, you directly take home 100% of the revenue from not one, but two ads in every article you write!

Note: AdSense pays writers one month after your content is published (for instance, Google pays you near the end of June for everything you wrote in May). Other, similar services are acceptable to use, but only if they DO NOT conflict with Google AdSense in any way.

Join Us!

Interested in joining the team? Please email us and let us know! Be sure to include a resume (preferably with references), links to a few articles you’ve already published elsewhere, and a current sample of your writing. The sample should be 300-600 words and based on a current event from the past three months, the more recent the better. We hope to hear from you soon!