Recent comments from a conservative radio talk show host seem like a moment of clarity when I read about a  realization that Donald Trump’s campaign for President is the product of many years of right wing smears and it’s role in the creation of distrust of the media.

Charlie Sykes is a Right Wing Hate Radio (RWHR) crow who regurgitates conservative talking points on WTMJ Radio in Milwaukee. He’s also part of the growing #NeverTrump movement that is gaining traction with Republican politicians and conservative media figures. According to Sykes, right wing hate radio and hate media is responsible for the “Trump Monster” because it spent years creating the perception among listeners that the mainstream media is so biased to the left that they can’t be trusted with anything they say. Therefore, any legitimate criticism of Trump from mainstream outlets is immediately shut out of RWHR listeners’ minds because they’ve become so conditioned to dismiss it. Sykes admits his own role in this phenomena. As a result, we have this monster (Trump.)

Please click here for the context of Sykes’ comments.

Basically, the sheeple who absorb RWHR have become numbed to disbelieve any information not bearing the far right stamp of approval.

How many times has anyone with a pinch of progressive thought and ideal been frustrated by an ad hominum “attack the source” rebuttal during an argument or debate because the facts used were reported by one of the media outlets stained by this decades old demonization of progressive media, let alone mainstream outlet? Remember that the New York Times is characterized as left wing even though they championed the illegal invasion of Iraq during the buildup toward that event in 2002-2003. In fairness, however, almost all of the media can be implicated in that shameful period of pro war propaganda in this country.

Misinformation spewed forth from RWHR and other far right outlets is certainly one of the cancers that contributed to the decline of the fourth estate in the United States (along with media corporatization and sensationalism.) I’d be happy to assume that this recent reckoning from Sykes speaking for the RWHR establishment is a sign of a cleansing from within, but in the spirit of my “Doubting Thomas” temperament, I can only come to grips with this if I hear right wing hate radio transform into something remotely viable with my own ears.

Sykes picture source: Yahoo! Image search [free to use commercially]