I am embarrassed and ashamed to be a member of an American society and nation who chooses to allow its citizens, men, women, children, and apparently, now the disabled, to be shot and killed like ducks in a barrel. After Wednesday’s mass shooting in San Bernardino, CA, that’s also being reported as a possible terrorist attack, the gun nuts and the gun reform weirdos began spewing vitriol at one another before the bodies could even hit the fucking floor.

Instead of coming together after yet another national tragedy,  A lot of arguments focused on one side proving its point to the other. The media speculated whether it was a terrorist attack, lone wolf attack, or what the race of the suspect was. None of that fucking matters.

The only pathetic fact that matters is that after the Columbines and Sandy Hooks of years past, and even after a year in which we’ve had more mass shootings than days, after thousands and thousands of American lives have been lost to gun violence in 2015 alone, at least 14 people at a medical service center for the disabled were murdered today, and once again we still can’t unite and commit to solve anything.

If the purpose of the government and its representatives is to protect and defend the general welfare and civil liberties of its citizens while creating, enforcing, and adjudicating laws, it’s time for the congressional gridlock to end and for the children on Capitol Hill to learn how to compromise on at least one issue which happens to be claiming more American lives than climate change and radical Islam combined.

Yes, the second amendment does grant “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms” [which] “shall not be infringed.” Merriam-Webster defines infringe as: “to wrongfully limit or restrict.” So, if after all the statistics and atrocities continue to rack up and claim innocent American lives, you still think the argument of “shall not be infringed” or that it would still be wrongful to limit or restrict who can and cannot legally obtain firearms, and of what type, If all you can do is offer prayers and condolences for the victims and their families, save it. You’ll need them in another day or two and after a while, it begins to sound disingenuous. You obviously don’t actually care about the thousands of innocent American lives lost, are in fact un-American, and will continue to have their blood, along with the blood of the others to follow, on your hands.

Before you start freaking out, pissing your pants, crying and assuming that I must be some wimpy, anti-gun, bleeding heart, left-wing liberal nut job, or whatever ad hominem regurgitation was just running on your hamster wheel. That could be your matter of opinion. You should know that I’m also an active duty, barrel chested, gun loving, American freedom fighting, multiple Global War on Terrorism deployment serving, infantry combat leader in the US Army. And that would be a matter of fact. I don’t say that to brag, but I am hoping that the fact that as a professional who has been professionally trained and has trained thousands of other professionals, to not only carry but to also employ numerous types of firearms, who swore to and defended the constitution against enemies foreign and domestic, grants some sort of credibility to my article for you.

I’m trying really hard not to further polarize this issue because obviously that hasn’t solved anything. And just to be clear I am blaming both sides of the political aisle. And not just the politicians. We all have blood on our hands. By choosing to not take a stand and demand that our entrusted, elected, political “leaders” quit playing irresponsible political games, would be just as cowardly as the perpetrators in today’s mass shooting and the politicians who willfully choose to do nothing about it. And we reelect and pay them for doing so.

Instead of classifying the second amendment as a right not to be infringed upon, it’s time to clarify it as a privilege to be earned. I’ll explain how that privilege should be earned in a future article. If you can’t earn it, you should not have it, and yes I do want to take your fucking guns. Simple as that. If that’s what it takes to defend Americans against domestic terrorists.  I understand this will not eliminate or eradicate gun violence in America, or get rid of all illegal guns. Just like banning abortions wouldn’t prevent abortions. And just like banning drugs doesn’t eliminate drugs. We’ve all heard the tired arguments that we use to justify the slaughter of our fellow Americans, so save you’re fucking breath. Just like terrorism, this is a problem that will likely never be 100% solved. As rational people we have to accept that. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do everything we possibly can to unite and compromise to reach a resolution that mitigates the potential for these senseless acts of violence to continue to repeat themselves.

When the atrocity at the Inland Regional Center is finally officially classified as a mass shooting or terrorist attack, perpetuated by a “lone wolf,” “thug,” or “terrorist,” “white,” “black,” or “Muslim,” as we are all waiting to blame someone purely based on our own individual opinionated prejudices. None of that shit will matter. The only factor that will remain a constant in any combination of the possible outcomes is that the weapons used by the suspects were purchased as a “right” and used to murder more Americans. We can’t even grant Americans healthcare as a right but we have the right to purchase weapons used for mass murder against American citizens.

If at this point you still have the audacity to believe that our “rights” to own whatever type of weapons we desire and that “shall not be infringed upon,” is more important than the American lives we have lost as a nation, I am hoping you will also have the audacity to write a letter to at least one of the families of one of the victims who perished today and explain why you feel it was equally important for the person/s who killed their loved one shared that same right, you fucking coward.

Photo by Mike Licht, NotionsCapital.com